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Another twist

Here’s another thought for the weekend. Apart from the legal obstacles (at least on paper) involved in giving emergency support to Greece – something we’ve touched on many times before – there may be a second legal hurdle that EU leaders have to pass i…

Linda McAven (MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber) tells us her thoughts about the influence of local government in slowing the impact of climate change after taking part in the Committee of the Regions side event at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] This interview was conducted on Wednesday 16th December… » read more

For the European Union it was a depressing end to the year! Gone were all hopes of providing global leadership at the Copenhagen conference on climate change. The EU found itself helpless on the sidelines as the US president, constrained by a sceptical Congress, confronted a Chinese prime minister apparently determined to reject any binding… » read more

In June 2009, the Swedish prime minister had suggested member states to introduce C02 taxes as an additional instrument for tackling climate change. But neither the Swedish Presidency nor the Commission followed upfollowed up on this suggestionthis suggestion. So far only two member states seem have on their own decided to prepared to go ahead… » read more

My letter to Solana

Back in 1999, I wrote a letter to Solana, in his capacity of NATO Secretary General. This happened a few days after I returned from the then Yugoslavia, now Serbia, where I was covering the Kosovo war for the Sofia daily ‘Sega’. On 26 May, while crossing with my Renault 5 the bridge Ciflik, which… » read more

EAPN appelle à réagir au plus vite au fait que la proposition de la Commission sur la future stratégie UE 2020 ne semble pas répondre à la promesse d’un développement d’un nouvel Agenda « social et durable » impliquant tous les acteurs EAPN estime que cette proposition accuse un net recul vis-à-vis des engagements pris… » read more

The following post has been sent to us by Monica Frassoni, spokesperson from the European Green Party. Barroso declared yesterday on a French TV that there will not be a binding agreement in Copenhagen because many countries are not ready. You may think that this is nothing new because we know since some weeks now… » read more

Le 9 décembre est la sixième Journée internationale anti-corruption, créée par l’ONU à l’occasion de la signature de la Convention anti-corruption (UNCAC) le 9 décembre 2003. A cette date, plus de 100 pays s’étaient, pour la première fois dans l’histoire, globalement prononcés en faveur de la lutte et de la prévention de la corruption. La… » read more

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