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No one wants a tragedy, but it’s happened. No matter how many times we write “Je suis Charlie” on Facebook, we cannot avoid what’s already passed. We need to survey the damage and look to the aftershock. My greatest fear that this action becomes fuel for France’s already potent far right. National tragedies have historically […]

Pondering Russia

I do not know what to think about Russia. I have been writing this entry for four months, revising it again and again in my head. So, if you came here looking for answers and policy suggestions, then you have come in vain. I am going to explain why I cannot figure out this situation. […]

Bringing Bangladesh’s war criminals to justice was meant to help reconcile a tense and polarized society. Instead, citizens from both sides of the political divide have taken to the streets in violent protests against its verdicts. Bangladesh has been torn from its birth on matters of culture and identity, in particular on the place that… » read more

Bangladesh’s 13 suspected war criminals Convicted by the International Crimes Tribunal: Who are they? What did they do? These are the 13 war crimes suspects convicted by the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh. Sentences have so far reflected the brutality of the charges brought against the accused. These are not civilian criminal cases; they deal… » read more

The war crimes tribunal of Bangladesh is attempting to confront atrocities buried since 1971. But can the ghosts of the past be laid to rest in times of such violence? During the war of secession from Pakistan, hundreds of thousands of Bengalis were raped and slaughtered in one of the worst humanitarian disasters of South… » read more

The news this week has been aflutter with reactions to the NSA spying scandal. I’ve been thinking about how this might impact European integration for sometime now and I figured this might be a good forum for those thoughts. Noting that periods of discord between the EU and the US often drive integration in certain […]

So a Canadian blog on Europe. I have to write on CETA this week, right? Historic agreement, which some in the Canadian media are calling a coup for Prime Minister Harper, clearly that’s the biggest thing in my world currently, right? Maybe. Honestly, I don’t know what I could really say about it that hasn’t […]

Defence procurement is an unsexy phrase for an unsexy idea. Despite this, the issue of increased integration in the area of defence is frequently in the news nowadays. France and Britain are exploring bilateral military cooperation, NATO pushing its European allies to procure more drones and the Commission and the Parliament have both advocated more […]

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