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“Britain will miss its legal target to cut emissions by 80% by the middle of the century unless action is taken to cut greenhouse pollution from gas-powered stations, influential government advisers warned today.” – Guardian article. FT article.

Brussels – WWF has sent the European Commission a formal complaint against Germany for its failure to fulfil a legal obligation introduced by the 2008 EU climate and energy legislative package. The complaint concerns the apparent faulty approval procedure for a new coal-fired power plant at Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg), which was given the go-ahead on 27 July… » read more

Climate Action Tracker is a new and useful website gauging UNFCCC commitments by parties in absolute scientific terms rather than just relative political ones. Set against the science, the EU27 at -20% GHG remains “inadequate”, though moving to -30% GHG by 2020 would put it in the higher end of the “medium” category. For developed countries in aggregate, commitments so far fall in the… » read more

RWE lobbies for loopholes

In this pre-CPH press release, Europe’s biggest emitter calls for more ETS loopholes to offset business-as-usual coal invesments, while failing even to mention the needed higher GHG target or even the prospects of CCS.

George Peridas NRDC

For CCS strategies elsewhere in the world, George Peridas’s blog is one to follow. This recent posting includes a summary of developments in China.

NYT: Looking elsewhere

An interested piece in the New York Times today considers CCS on large installations outside the power sector.

Mountaineer full-chain pilot

While I prefer to focus on CCS demonstration plants, this full-chain pilot project at the Mountaineer power plant in West Virginia catches my attention, not least because two European companies Alstom and RWE are also involved.

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