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The movement towards energy efficiency financing continues to gather pace – and now the international passive house community are joining in. Taking place on 25 April, the Vienna Energy Efficiency Finance Forum kicks off the International Passive House conference week. “We’re aiming to make energy efficiency the new normal across the globe,” according to Rob… » read more

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Profitability and sustainability go hand in hand with the Amsterdam Investment Fund; a network of financing tools that is propelling the city towards energy transition. Four years ago, Amsterdam chose to sell its shares in NUON, a former local utility company. Its next move would change the future of the city and produce a paradigm-shifting […]

Ambitious energy efficiency targets will require significant investment from the private sector. Public authorities are learning fast from innovative financing mechanisms the EU is putting in place to achieve this. Energy efficiency has traditionally been viewed as a public good financed by public sector grants. But the public purse can only do so much and […]

In conversation with BUILD UP, Rod Janssen, long-term consultant to the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) talks about the Recast EPBD, low energy buildings and the need for strong leadership on energy efficiency.   What was eceee’s involvement in the EPBD and the Recast EPBD? Firstly, eceee closely followed the approval process […]

Crowdfunding of renewable energy projects is growing fast in Europe. If this grassroots movement gets organized in time to access the big money available in the next round of cohesion funding, it could have far reaching effects on the European energy sector. In recession era Europe, much talk is of ‘innovative’ or ‘alternative’ financing for […]

ManagEnergy capacity building workshops have primarily focused on energy performance contracting in 2012-2013, in support of DG Energy’s campaign. Nils Daugaard and Ezgi Basar report from the campaign trail and compare market success factors. For outsourced energy services, Czech Republic is considered a frontrunner in Europe, the Croatian market is still in an early stage […]

In light of the current economic situation, one way the public sector can invest in building energy efficiency is by using European Structural and Cohesion Funds, financial tools set up to implement the regional policies of the European Union (also known as Cohesion Policy). Structural Funds are made up of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and […]

ManagEnergy caught up with Claudia Carani of the Modena Energy Agency (AESS) at its recent capacity building workshop in Sardinia where she described recent developments in the municipality’s €54 million ELENA-funded energy efficiency project. The city council of Modena joined the Covenant of Mayors in January 2010. The city developed a Sustainable Energy Action Plan of the… » read more

Car-sharing in Dublin

Dublin city council, Ireland has licensed car-sharing company GoCar to operate 50 vehicles in 31 pay-and-display locations across the city. It is estimated that one vehicle in a car-sharing scheme could replace 15 privately owned cars driving in the city centre, lowering traffic and making public transport more efficient. A reduction in traffic will also encourage […]

What is being done in energy agencies to comply with Article 20 of EPBD? ManagEnergy takes a tour-de-table around Austria and Belgium-Flanders and Netherlands to find out more. Article 20 of the recast EPBD relates to the provision of information. Owners and tenants of building shall be provided with information on the different methods and… » read more

The Energy saving in municipal building (ENSAMB) project was launched in 2012; it aims to achieve at least 25% energy savings in 120 municipal buildings—representing 11 GWh/year and an estimated investment of €11.2 million. The project partners are 5 small municipalities in rural Norway—Elverum, Engerdal, Stor-Elvdal and Åmot—all of whom have also signed the Covenant… » read more

Mobilising Local Energy Investment Project Development Assistance (MLEI-PDA), supported by Intelligent Energy Europe assists local and regional authorities develop sustainable energy projects. It aims to bridge the gap between sustainable energy plans and real investment by funding activities necessary to prepare, and mobilise finance for public investment programmes. The types of projects supported include investment […]

There is an urgent need to increase the energy efficiency of European building stock. Buildings account for 40 percent of total energy consumption in the European Union. Nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs), a new generation of low energy buildings, with integrated renewable energy sources, increased levels of comfort and limited environmental impact, will play a pivotal role […]

The Intelligent Energy – Europe project “ENNEREG – Regions paving the way for a Sustainable Energy Europe” has launched its Regions 202020 Inspiration Guide aiming to provide all the information you need to become a Sustainable Energy Region: The guide helps you to decide where to start and what to do next in your journey to become a Sustainable Energy […]

In the UK, awareness of climate change and its relation to energy supply is at an all-time high. The current technological and legislative context offers significant financial incentives for the expansion of renewable energy systems. This has created an attractive environment for shared investment in and ownership of renewable energy technologies. In April 2013 ManagEnergy […]

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