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TweetTrade is the golden girdle of the globe. … Where Commerce has enriched the busy coast He catches all improvements in his flight Spreads foreign wonders in his country’s sight, Imports what others have invented well And stirs his own to match them, or excel ‘Tis thus, reciprocating each with each Alternately the nations learn […]

TweetImagine; you are locked in a room with twelve other individuals, it’s a stifling summer’s day and you have to decide whether a teenaged Puerto Rican will be sent to the electric chair (because this is the 1950s). His crime? Killing his father with a switchblade. You cannot leave the room until you and your […]

Of Whales and Budgets

Tweet“Very like a whale” – Hamlet (Shakespeare) The whale species and the European Union’s budget have quite a lot in common. No really, they do. First, the survival and existence of both whales and the budget are dependent upon a complex arrangement of international treaties. Let’s begin with the whales. Each year around 3,000 whales […]

TweetThis week I attended a conference and Q&A with Tièman Hubert Coulibaly, Foreign Minister for Mali’s interim government, which was both a privilege and a remarkable coincidence given the subject of my latest post. Mr. Coulibaly was in Europe to attend emergency meetings with both French and EU officials. Concerning the latter, a ministerial meeting […]

In 2004, a show-stopping performance of the award winning musical Les Misérables was hosted at Windsor Castle, attended by French President Jacques Chirac, to celebrate 100 years of Franco-British partnership (alternatively, not beating each other up every few years). It goes without saying that the French and the British have had a long, complex and… » read more


Tweet-Newsflash: End of the world now scheduled for 1 April 2015- Ancient Mayan calendars predicted the end of the world’s current cycle on the 21st December 2012. Mankind has now been faced with the Earth’s demise several times. A popular doomsday cult foresaw the end in March 1843. When Halley’s Comet was scheduled to pass […]

A Lesson From Greek Mythology

TweetI had intended to start this blog in the new year, but two recent Council decisions and their subsequent media coverage offered useful food for thought. On the 13th December, the Council agreed to establish the first step of the much anticipated and much discussed, European banking union. A Council Press Communiqué outlined an agreement […]

A European Affair

“Un jour viendra où les armes vous tomberont des mains, à vous aussi ! Un jour viendra où la guerre paraîtra aussi absurde et sera aussi impossible entre Paris et Londres, entre Pétersbourg et Berlin, entre Vienne et Turin, qu’elle serait impossible et qu’elle paraîtrait absurde aujourd’hui entre Rouen et Amiens, entre Boston et Philadelphie. Un… » read more

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