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As anyone who has lived in a foreign country and tried to learn the local language knows, there is a time when you start to think you’re really getting it, when suddenly you realize that what you’ve really just figured out is when to nod at the right times.  This same feeling of being ‘lost… » read more

Media headlines on the UN’s climate change discussions (formally known as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or UNFCCC) look about the same as they did this time last year: “Climate Talks Unravelling as China and US Clash”; “World Climate Talks Going Backwards, EU says”; “Climate Talks Stumble”.   Is anyone surprised?  Did anyone really… » read more

The “Fire of Genius”

“Patents provide the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.”  Abraham Lincoln.  The “fire of genius” does not underscore the importance of having an exceedingly high IQ score; but instead the importance of creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.  Creativity is the production of something original and useful while innovation is the link between R&D and… » read more

As the United States and Europe dwell on the future of BP, possible new requirements for accident contingency funds, restrictions on deep-water drilling, and increased industry fees and regulations; China’s influence on world energy markets and the geopolitics of energy security continues to expand.  On July 20th, the International Energy Agency announced that in 2009, China passed the United… » read more

Housing slump, financial crisis, economic recession, business confidence falling….there is no shortage of headlines telling us that, to put it politely, we are facing deteriorating economic circumstances.  The impact will likely be felt from the corporate boardroom to developing world aid programs and everything in between.   If companies cut back R&D spending and if resources for… » read more

The EU is famous for launching new, and usually well-funded, projects aimed at making Europe the most ‘competitive economy in world by 2010’ – more commonly known as the “Lisbon Strategy 2000” or the “Re-launched Lisbon Strategy 2005”.  On September 15, another piece of this jigsaw puzzle was officially launched – the new European Institute… » read more

Knowledge economy…knowledge worker…knowledge creation…knowledge society….Are these mere buzz words or do they represent a changing society?  This was the topic of a gathering of European researchers and academics in Munich this week to discuss a European strategy for handling ‘knowledge’ in an knowledge-based economy.  While a theoretical or philosophical discussion of ‘knowledge’ is interesting –… » read more

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