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A slight change in focus….

I have decided that i will start extending what i comment on beyond the issue of eurozone governance and extend this blog to broader issues – all probably with a euro theme – covering politics, culture, people and anything else I take a view on! Why am i broadening the scope? – Well one positive… » read more

A thought…

Reading various comments on the eurozone and how the spread widening is the beginning of the end….. Then read the economist leader where it said that the crisis may lead to greater integration…. Glad magazines (or newspapers as the economist calls itself!) are starting to state what i have believed….it’s time to get serious, time… » read more

Ok so been listening to a lot (too much!) of the UK media comment on prospective UK membership of the eurozone now that the pound is collapsing….consensus seems to be (consistnent with my previous posts) that UK citizens continue to feel pride in the picture of the sovereign on their notes and imaginery bridges simply… » read more

Quick New Year Thought

First – happy new year! I have been looking at the FT columnist predictions for 2009 and saw John Thornhill’s prediction that while it made sense 2009 would not be the year that President Sarkozy launched his euro group. You will not be surprised to learn I hope this prediction is wrong….. We have seen… » read more

Introduction – 1st Blog!

Hi This will be a short first blog as I have just set it up and will be away for a week from tomorrow (19th Nov). However, I wanted to give a brief summary of why I was writing this blog. Basic point – I live in the UK but am from Ireland and believe… » read more

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