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“Do you think that you are better, really better than the rest? Realize there is a problem, I know that you can give your best” shouted a popular German band fifteen years ago, in their best-selling rock song “Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind”. Applied to contemporary international relations, these lyrics reflect well the embarrassed reactions […]

Across Europe, press and media freedom is under threat. Earlier this month, media experts called for a “reconquest” of crumbling media freedoms in the EU. Commission President José Manuel Barroso has described freedom of the media as a “sacred principle” of the Union, yet everywhere we look there are problems. Last year, the International Press… » read more

Conferences, in our experience, can be very boring, but one that we found ourselves at last month was really thought-provoking. The subject was that old ‘chestnut’ of how to get development aid to Africa. It could have been a mind-numbing experience, despite the continued urgency of the issue, but it was transformed by the vitality… » read more

Le Parlement européen a voulu par l’intermédiaire de sa commission LIBE (Libertés civiles, Justice et sécurité) faire le point à chaud. D’où sa réunion extraordinaire du 1er mars au matin à laquelle ont participé outre les députés, la présidence hongroise (le représentant permanent Peter Györkös), la Commission européenne ( Cecilia Malmström), le Service d’action extérieure… » read more

Predictably enough, the Gaddafi father and son team is blaming everyone for Libya’s popular uprising, from Al Qaeda to Western television networks. To make matters worse, Mrs Clinton’s background noise, unhelpful and especially unwise, is actually fanning the crisis. Her counter-performance over the past few months is a painful reminder of rapidly vanishing US leadership… » read more

IT’S AMAZING what can happen in two weeks! Since my post on the “Year of (Arab) Revolutions” on February 13, the winds of change have hit Libya with a vengeance. Of all the countries in the region, Libya is the one whose fate will have the greatest short-term impact on Europe. The international community has… » read more

Innovate or disappear

Innovation is recognized as one of the fundaments of economic development. The machine tool industry is the engine for virtually all manufacturing activities and, to a large extent, enables other sectors to be innovative. The future of Europe’s economic importance and security is highly dependent on the competitive edge that we can bring to the… » read more

On Monday, January 24th the Moroccan Energy federation celebrated its 10th anniversary with the publication of its founder’s new book “10 years of reflecting on energy choices”. The book is organised chronologically from 2011 to 2010, which allows readers to follow the evolution of energy policies in Morocco in the last decade. The country saw… » read more

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