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Palisraelian Symphony

Israelis and Palestinians speak with one voice in the European Parliament We don’t often hear Israelis and Palestinians speak with one voice. Let alone in parliament, let alone in the European Parliament. And yet, that’s exactly what happened the other day. Earlier in November 2014, Israeli parliamentarian Nitzan Horowitz, representing the pro-peace wing in the […]

To Utrecht with Love

“Once a year go someplace you´ve never been before“, says the Dalai Lama in his 18 Rules for Living. Or, in an expanded version of it and for those of us who do that anyways:  “Start the year with going someplace you’ve never been before´´. And I did. I went to Utrecht. On 1st January. Now, nothing… » read more

This little story is ANCIENT (it won the third prize at an essay contest organised by the East West Institute in January 2002), but most of the problems addressed here remain unresolved. The EU visa regime (problem number 2) is an exception to that. A bit muddled towards the end (I was young), this was […]

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