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South China Sea

The complex web of disputes concerning South China Sea may on the surface appear as regular disputes concerning territory and resources (which isn’t uncommon) but underneath it is underlined by the broader strategic tussles between two muscular rival…

Whom the law protects

Written by Ivan Bielik (member of IPWG) Last days have brought into the light interesting issue of the fundamental clash between national security and civil liberty. One needs to examine the role of law in the society in deciding about this issue, because the law system creates a backbone of society we live in and… » read more

Written by Sabiha Kapetanovic (member of IPWG) Observing nature, everything in it is trying to achieve harmony. Because harmony is guide for perfection. Achieve perfect balanse, find perfect truth, found perfect society with perfect people. And everyth…

Boulevard to Geneva 2

Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG) The utmost anticipated high level diplomatic talks in Geneva whose foremost objective is to end war in Syria have to deal with several incongruities. The Russian and the US officials deviate on the structure of the proposed conference basically on who will be going to represent the… » read more

Quo Vadis, EU?

What you are about to read is an essay made upon daily news and some documentation (mainly concerning our food production which will be taken as example). It contains neither a complete set of information nor an objective statement. Other opinions are …

Why state still matters?

The post was written by Ivan Bielik (email  ivan.bielik at In recent times we are witnessing diminishing role of state in the society. There can be various reasons for this process. Globalizing economic relations that surpass nati…

Still Immature Country

The post was written by Ivan Bielik (email contact  ivan.bielik at This opinion had been written in the aftermath of Czech second round of presidential election which was held on 25th and 26th of January. There were two principal…

No Critique Please!

  This post was written by Ivan Bielik (email contact   At the end of 2012, American Simon Wiesenthal Center announced the list of 2012 Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs. Besides Iranian regime or Greece’s Golden Dawn there is a name of one German journalist named Jakob Augstein. He might have deserved the place in the… » read more

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