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“Nothing beats the truth.” These were the passionate words of Enda Kenny, prime minister of Ireland, when asked last week about the spring European Council on 14-15 March. He was talking about a moment of reckoning for the continent’s leaders, as they confront increasingly hostile electorates, most recently exhibited in Italy where voters sent a […]

As Europe embarks on a quest for a new “Growth Compact,” it is clear that the old ways of facilitating a painless recovery via Keynesian stimulus spending is not an option. After all, if government spending did lead to higher growth, Europe would have had a stellar economic performance in the past. France, for instance, […]

Single Market Entrepreneurs

In collaboration with our friends at Google, the Lisbon Council is launching a new Centre of Excellence, entitled Single Market Entrepreneurs Centre. In a nutshell, it consists of a dedicated research programme and high-level, policy-driven community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, policy makers and thought leaders. The overall aim is to enhance the visibility, recognise the […]

I love that feeling when you get to do and experience something that you have only ever heard about. The myth of “Silicon Valley”, its innovative prowess, its ingenuity, its ability to remake the world with its ideas, its entrepreneurship, its savvy technology and slick new products. It’s been clear to me for some time […]

Franco-German plans for a Competitiveness pact, which were put forward at the last EU summit have been met with great skepticism but done right, they could help address key areas of structural weaknesses. After all, European leaders have wasted almost a year in getting to the root causes of the current crisis. Instead of addressing… » read more

I had a rather unique experience a few days ago. I was invited to attend and speak at the Informal Competitiveness Council convened by Belgian Economy Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne. For those of you who don’t know Minister Van Quickenborne, he is not your usual politician. Technology-savvy, innovative and risk-taking, he truly stands out from… » read more

Today, the Lisbon Council publishes a sharp and timely new e-brief, written by our excellent Economic Advisor Alessandro Leipold, a former acting director of the European Department at the IMF. It’s a good moment to weigh in, with the European Council taking stock of the Van Rompoy taskforce on economic governance later this week. Personally,… » read more

What can I say? There isn’t a person I know who didn’t see the impending Greek default coming. It’s a country that has had no strategy for generating growth, unfunded pension liabilities en masse, a bloated, inefficient state sector, poor educational institutions, and an abysmal demographic outlook. For years, these developments could be softened by… » read more

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