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Work more, to earn more, to waste more, to borrow more, to work more. Until death happens. In short, that’s how the dogma of growth translates, for most of us. What has growth ever meant to us ? More cement. More towers. More motorways. More cars. More gadgets. More loans. More screens. More bureaucracy. ‘More’ being intrinsically enough to justify the outgrowths of growth.

Taylorism is the western equivalent of stakhanovist productivism. And where most of us would inevitably pick the excess of stakanovism, taylorism remains essentially unchallenged. Historically, fordism was amongst the first large scale application of this so called “scientific management”. Since it has penetrated most sphere of productions. It has been the arrow of progress and… » read more

Neoliberal is no liberal.

In the times of Adam Smith, ‘liberal’ meant favorable to exchange. In its widest sense. It never meant freedom of over-exploitation of the human race and of natural resources. Never. It never meant that brutal competition would blindly overrule democracy. Never. ‘Neoliberal’, is a neologism that does not mean ‘liberal’. It is a neologism that filters…

Un peu de bon sens

In the times of Adam Smith, CO2 was described as “wild spirit”. CO2, ozone, methane, energy, entropy, pollution were not discovered. They were “spiritus sylvestre”, “vis viva”. If anything, their were ghosts-like diffuse concepts.

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