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A driver sparked a security alert today (8 September), after leaving a scooter parked near the front of the European Commission’s Berlaymont building. Heard in Europe sources said Commission security, fearing a potential bomb attack, called the cops after spotting the parked-up scooter, which appeared to have sailed serenely past the guards. Belgian police cordoned… » read more

One surprising inconvenience caused by the furious farmers in Brussels today has been the Belgian riot police transforming the EurActiv offices into – well – a public convenience. Battalions of armoured cut-short coppers spent the day traipsing through the newsroom to relieve themselves in the staff loos. And before you ask – no, wee are… » read more

From “jobs and growth” to “innovation” via “better regulation” with a dash of “ambitious not throwing the baby out with the bathwater”, the EU is often guilty of mangled metaphors, jarring jargon and relentless repetition. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will make his first State of the European Union speech on 9 September and seasoned… » read more

A summit on the Western Balkans will take place on Thursday (27 August) in Vienna, amid enlargement fatigue, and fear of the migrant wave submerging the region from the outside, but also stemming from the region, overwhelming wealthier EU countries. To dispel the gloomy mood, a football match will take place tonight in the Austrian… » read more

The European Commission has broken new ground in transparency over Big Tobacco lobbying around the ongoing EU-US trade talks. Well, it admitted there had been at least one meeting with Philip Morris about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – which is progress of a sort. Responding to an information request by the Corporate… » read more

The newly-elected Danish government wants to ‘re-open’ dialogue with Russia, according to Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. In an interview with the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Jensen said: “The direct dialogue with Russia, with regular meetings at different levels, is no longer happening. But if we want to tell them what we think, we of course need to… » read more

German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble was prepared “to give Greece €50 billion” had Yanis Varoufakis, his Greek counterpart at the time, agreed to his country leaving the eurozone, a high level source who recently spoke to Schäuble has revealed. The German minister was described by the source like “a true European” who had nothing… » read more

The United Nations Financing for Development Conference was held in Addis Ababa this week. Yes, Ethiopia may not be Heard in Europe’s usual patch, but our spies are everywhere. Developing countries, 77 of them in fact, were pushing for the creation of a global tax body overseen by the UN. They want it because they… » read more

Angela Merkel must be exhausted from playing hardball on the future of Greece. She today showed a never-before-seen sensitive side while visiting a school in Rostock. Despite the crises going on in Europe, at least Germany’s doing well. A banner behind Merkel read, “Living well in Germany. What’s important to us.” The chancellor started talking… » read more

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