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Dear Geothermania fans, we are proud to present our new blog at Blogger. We hope it would be a useful information and discussion source and you will enjoy it! If you are interested in the latest information from the geothermal field, please join our Ge…

If the Asian countries would make full use of the potential they have in renewable energy sources, 94% of the energy needs could be provided. But the countries, including Philippines, must initiate an “energy revolution”, states the newest Greenpeace report. According to the report, geothermal energy has one of the biggest potential in the Pacific… » read more

On 24th June 2010, the first workshop of coordinating group took the place in Bratislava, whose aim is to prepare future founding of Slovak National Technology Platform ‘geoEnergia’. The kick-off meeting’s date  has been set for Autumn 2010. Since last Thursday, the preparation phase of future founding of geoEnergia technology platform has begun. The research… » read more

We are proud to be among the first to foster the landmark “Geothermal energy to change the world” from the 5th World Geothermal Congress in Bali. Its fundamental message is: Energy Independence Powered by Geothermal. In the Bali Declaration, signed by representatives of the world’s geothermal community, countries emphasize their willingness to promote “geothermal energy… » read more

Geothermal energy could become the solution for low-carbon future as well as for countries’ energy independence. Some two weeks ago, European Climate Foundation (ECF) published the analysis titled “Roadmap 2050”, which expressed quite positive attitude to geothermal energy. Of course, the study conditions the further exploitation of geothermal energy by investing into research and development… » read more

Last week, we as Geothermal Anywhere, attended the Innovation Policy and Technology Transfer Conference in Bratislava. The discussion was about research, development and innovations in our country. The event was organized by American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.… » read more

Travelling to Vegas

These days, we take the part at the 3rd Annual Geothermal Finance and Investment Summit in Las Vegas. At the same time, geothermal energy sector becomes more and more self-confident to offer the solution for rising demand on wider using of renewable sources. The most influence investors, project developers, contractors and the other stakeholders, meet… » read more

Le journaliste canadien Declan Hill est l’auteur du très remarqué “The Fix” (”Comment truquer un match de football ?”), ouvrage d’investigation dans lequel il démontre l’implication mafieuse de plusieurs réseaux dans le trucage des matches de football. Play The Game est une association dont le but est de défendre les valeurs éthiques du sport et… » read more

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