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From immigration to defence, from social to environmental issues, there are high expectations throughout the EU for France’s stint in the chair. Its Europe Minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet previews the presidency agenda. Europe’s World is interested to know what your priorities for Europe are. Click here to read the article by Jean-Pierre Jouyet “How France intends… » read more

When it comes to a new enlargement round in eastern Europe, the EU can’t go forward and can’t go back writes Krzysztof Bobinski. (SPRING 2008) In Ukraine, the EU’s failure to encourage the government in its European aspirations risks creating a growing disillusionment with the West. That would strengthen Russia’s position in Ukraine, where Moscow… » read more

The economies of Central and South America offer huge opportunities for European business. But Carlo Secchi doubts whether the EU is doing enough to develop its relationship with the region SPRING 2008 By 2050 Brazil and Mexico will be among the world’s six leading economies. Does the European Union care? Perhaps, but almost certainly not… » read more

  The EU system shoots itself in the foot when it levels trade defence measures against low-cost competitors, warns Henrik Isakson of the Swedish National Board of Trade. SPRING 2008 The bottom line is that the EU really should not, under the guise of countering unfair trade, restrict competitors from exploiting natural comparative advantages just… » read more

What should EU leaders propose when they’ll meet with Russia’s new President, Dmitry Medvedev? In Europe’s World’s latest issue, Mark Leonard, Nicu Popescu and Jacques Andréani came up with some suggestions  A five point strategy for EU-Russia relations      The EU badly needs a new approach in its dealings with resurgent Russia, write Mark Leonard and… » read more

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