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This story about the Eurozone financial crisis was originally published on 11th January 2010 by EurActiv. The European Central Bank threw Portugal a temporary lifeline yesterday (10 January) by buying up its bonds, as market and peer pressure mounted on Lisbon to seek an international bailout soon. But analysts said that in the euro zone’s simmering… » read more

This story about French opposition to Hungary’s media law was originally published on 5th January 2010 by EurActiv. France said yesterday (4 January) that a new media law passed by Hungary, which took up the EU’s rotating presidency on 1 January, violated EU laws on press freedom, and called on other members of the bloc… » read more

This story about the relationship between the EU and Hungary was originally published on 4th January 2010 by EurActiv. Controversial legislation recently adopted by Hungary’s ruling majority has apparently been straining relations with the European Commission since the country took over the rotating EU presidency at the beginning of the year. A row over a contentious media… » read more

This story about press freedom in Hungary in the EU was originally published on 23rd December 2010 by EurActiv. The European Commission took a cautious stance Wednesday (22 December) over a controversial “media constitution” in Hungary that has been heavily criticised for restricting press freedom in the country taking up the EU’s rotating six-month presidency. contributed… » read more

This story about starting a business in the EU was originally published on 22nd December 2010 by EurActiv. The European Union adopted the Small Business Act in 2008, with the intention of making it easier to start and run a business. Two years on, the EurActiv network takes a look at the achievements and challenges ahead.… » read more

This story about Hungary’s energy summit was published on 14th December 2010 by EurActiv. Hungary plans to concentrate on the big picture of EU energy policy as it takes on the EU’s rotating presidency in January. Energy will feature prominently at the new presidency’s first EU summit on 4 February. At the February summit, EU… » read more

This story about pension reforms was published on 14th December 2010 by EurActiv. The European Commission confirmed yesterday (13 December) it had reached an agreement with Poland on giving countries that have reformed their pension systems more leeway over fiscal policy. In the meantime, the parliament in Budapest voted to effectively dismantle pension reform. The… » read more

This story about a potential harmonised fiscal policy was published by EurActiv on 13th December 2010. As European Union leaders meet in Brussels this week to create a lasting lending facility for indebted countries, France and Germany have surprised observers by stating their openness to discussing whether countries that share the euro currency should harmonise… » read more

This story about Nabucco’s battle for Azeri gas supplies was published on 10th December 2010. Pressure is growing on the Nabucco consortium to reveal its hand over its tender for Azeri gas. The winner, to be announced in April, will be the master of Europe’s Southern Gas Corridor, designed to bring gas from sources other… » read more

This story about inconclusive Euro talks was published on 8th December 2010. The head of the IMF criticised the EU’s piecemeal approach to rescuing the euro currency from contagion as ministerial talks in Brussels yesterday (7 December) gave no succour to countries with worsening sovereign debt problems. IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn failed to persuade… » read more

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