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This blog post was first published on Regardless of one’s views on fracking, the shale gas hype should not distract the UK away from its decarbonisation goals says Nick Molho, head of climate and energy policy at WWF-UK. This week’s announcements on fracking, including David Cameron’s pledge to “go all out on shale gas”, triggered […]

Over the last five years Ukraine’s leadership has been constantly conducting negotiations with the IMF, and this process hasn’t stopped. In many respects exactly the problem with the IMF credit became the main reason of the pause which Ukraine had to take in question of signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. In the […]

By Adam White, Research Coordinator at WWF European Policy Office’s Climate and Energy Unit Having your own energy scenario is fast becoming the price of entry into the debate over the future shape of the EU’s energy system. NGOs have them, businesses have them, and governments have them. The European Commission has many of them. If scenarios are a unifying feature of this debate, then energy efficiency is a unifying feature of those scenarios. […]

In Ukraine, unlike the EU countries, there is a very big dollarization of the economy. 87 billion cash foreign exchange turns over on the territory of Ukraine, mostly US dollars. Therefore, the question of the dollar/hryvnia exchange rate in Ukraine is every Ukrainian’s concern. Many Ukrainians keep their savings in cash dollars; a part of […]

Yesterday’s intervention by leading businesses, investors and trade associations showed that far from being a drag on the economy, stable climate policies makes business sense says Nick Molho, Head of Climate and Energy Policy at WWF-UK. In a statement out yesterday, over 100 organisations comprising mainly of major businesses, investors and trade associations from various sectors […]

More than 20 partnership agreements were signed during the visit of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych to China. It is the first time that Ukraine decided to build up business relations with a new partner so radically. For a long time Ukraine had actually one big business partner – Russia. Recently Ukraine has been trying to […]

Tough Love at COP19

By Jason Anderson, Head of European Climate and Energy Policy at WWF European Policy Office Today much of civil society, including environmental NGOs, social movements and labour unions walked out of the UNFCCC negotiations to protest the lack of urgency reflected in the talks. The action was not taken to say that the negotiations are […]

By Sam Van den Plas, climate policy officer at WWF European Policy Office Today in Warsaw, the International Coal & Climate Summit organised by the World Coal Association started. While it might be no great surprise that the World Coal Association decided to organise this event to coincide with the UN climate change conference, we […]

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