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By Adam White, Research Coordinator at WWF European Policy Office’s Climate and Energy Unit The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. – Aristotle When it comes to European targets for greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, every percentage point is closely modelled and examined. The esoteric target […]

The Sane Fringe

By Jason Anderson, Head of EU Climate and Energy Policy, WWF European Policy Office My colleague Nick Molho, Head of Climate & Energy Policy at WWF UK, recently published an opinion piece about shale gas on the Economist website which approaches the issue with unimpeachable logic for both sides of the debate. It is a fitting […]

Why renewables and efficiency investment makes sense sooner rather than later By Jason Anderson, Head of European Climate and Energy Policy at WWF European Policy Office Europe has been the driving force behind the surge in renewable energy that has become a global phenomenon. Nevertheless, the financial and economic downturn that began in 2008 has had […]

All politics is personal

Why a politician’s building contractor is more influential on the energy efficiency debate than all the lobbyists in Brussels By Jason Anderson, Head of European Climate and Energy Policy | WWF European Policy Office I imagine it is relatively rare that a lobbyist for nuclear fusion runs up against a politician with much in the way […]

In times of political battles information provocations are used a lot more. This is how we can call the unreliable information which has been actively disseminated by Ukrainian oppositional mass media about an allegedly secret decision of the Russian business to leave Ukraine. The very essence of data submission was implying that this information was… » read more

In all Ukraine’s history technical default of domestic government loan bonds took place only in 1998, and even then the situation was fixed up very quickly. In addition, in many respects the reason of this technical default was a “gift” from Russia, which in August, 1998 declared default of its state bonds, which ricochetted the […]

Hryvnia exchange fluctuation in Ukraine is caused by Euromaidan only. When the Ukrainian opposition leaders began illegally capturing government buildings in the regions, this led to panic spread among the population. In this situation, instead of trying to calm people down, the opposition leaders started making obviously provocative statements about possible splitting of Ukraine. Such… » read more

The European politicians have showed once again that their attitude to Ukraine is biased. It is very hard to explain otherwise the untruthful statement of the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski. In particular, Mr. Sikorski said that China set a condition on signing of the EU Association agreement by Ukraine in return for […]

Revolution in Ukraine provoked by foreign agents created specific problems for the economy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. But this does not mean that Ukraine is on the verge of destruction. On the contrary, it is likely the project of foreign special services regarding the insurrection in Ukraine has tumbled, and the Ukrainian opposition… » read more

Unfortunately, a number of European and American politicians decided to bet on extremists and they financed assailants who set transport vehicles on fire, injure peaceful Ukrainians and practically arranged a slaughter in the center of Kyiv. Disorders, arsons, assaults upon law enforcement representatives greatly affected the general attitude of Ukrainians to the current events. In […]

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