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March, 2018 the European Commission proposed requiring better disclosure of credit-card foreign-exchange fees and that charges on intra-EU cross-border euro and domestic non-euro payments be the same. To improve payments markets and further economic integration, the EU has intervened repeatedly. Interventions may be justified and useful where there’s a market structural problem or imperfection harming… » read more

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Venture capital funds relatively risky businesses with significant upside. It’s expensive capital. When successful however it has an outsized economic impact. Think PayPal, Square, Google, Facebook Amazon, and Uber. EC bureaucrats worry the EU has insufficient venture capital and is therefore disadvantaged relative to the US in creating big, transformational businesses. When Brussels perceives a… » read more

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Nobel Peace Prize winner and apostle of disarmament and America “leading from behind” President Barack Obama has driven a stake into the heart of an already ailing Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and the nuclear disarmament movement.                 The NPT recognizes the US. Russia, China, […]

Russian capo Vladimir Putin has taken the measure of the weak-kneed putative leader of the Free World Barack Obama. His troops have occupied Crimea and now encircle and menace the rest of Ukraine. The West has not been this weak and irresolute since the nineteen thirties. On Western leadership Russian Parliamentarian Oleg Paneleyev noted “They […]

Economic stagnation is a choice, a choice America and much of Europe, alas, are making. For twenty years the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal have produced an Index of Economic Freedom ranking countries based on: adherence to the rule of law, limited government, regulatory efficiency and open markets. Economically-freer countries enjoy more robust growth […]

The mammoth US economy is sputtering along. Its fiscal and monetary imbalances while not yet as acute as Greece’s, are unsustainable. But America is not Greece. An anemic US economy is a drag on world growth. Another crash would be catastrophic. With the ballyhooed New Year’s Day fiscal-cliff deal, pundits and Wall Street breathed a […]

France’s economy is stalled. Europe’s second largest economy had zero growth in the second quarter. With a sluggish economy the government reduced its 2011-growth forecast to an anemic but nonetheless still unlikely to be achieved 1.75%. Growth matters enormously. Growing the pie means life isn’t a zero-sum game. It improves people’s standard of living, and […]

The world’s largest economy remains mired in the deepest recession since the Great Depression. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported the US economy grew at an anemic 1.3% in the second-quarter growth and revised first-quarter growth downward to a paltry .4%. The American economic malaise is a drag on and danger to Europe and indeed […]

Reining in the U.S. Fed

Congress created America’s current central bank the Federal Reserve System in 1913. As with all central banks its role ultimately is determined by the political process. The Fed is tasked with more than simply issuing and maintaining the value of the dollar: the world’s reserve currency. Under the 1978 the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment and Balanced… » read more

“While America Slept” is a worthwhile and timely piece by English author and Americanphile Andrew Roberts. He like Winston Churchill believes given will and self belief Americans can accomplish virtually anything.  In his classic The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Sam Huntington echoed this sentiment arguing if America’s elites retain confidence… » read more

Extracted from the 2007 Progress report by European Commission. Turkey continues to move forward in the EU accession process. So far out of 33 chapters four have been opened and only one closed (Science and Research). The Commission states that 28 of 35 screening reports (80%) have been delivered to The Council and 6 are… » read more

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