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When someone has a question, many times these days the first thing they turn to for an answer is the Internet. Just about anything and everything can be found online. From the most basic answer to the simplest question to in depth research about complex topics — it’s all available on the Internet. As a… » read more

Hello everybody! As A Romanian I couldn’t be more irritated by the latest ideas in the EU: Romanians are considered gipsies. Let me encompass that a bit. 1. The name of Romania (România) comes from the Romanian Român, which is a derivative of the Latin adjective Romanus (Roman). The name of Romania has nothing to… » read more

Aspects of Google are pretty popular in Germany; the latest comScore data indicates, for example, that it’s cornered 79.8 percent of the country’s search market.  Google Street View is being looked at in a different light, however, and may hit a show-stopping barrier in the town of Molfsee. Reinhold Harwart, the leader of the Christian… » read more

The European Union Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding has supported reducing the price of sending a mobile text message from one EU country to another by 16 cents. Reding’s proposal is now being distributed to all other EU Commissioners before they formally implement it in early October. The EU’s 27 member states and the European Parliament… » read more

Could be in U.S. in 3 weeks The European Court of Human Rights has rejected the appeal of British hacker Gary McKinnon, opening the door for him to be extradited to the United States within weeks.McKinnon is accused of carrying out “the biggest military hack of all time” and could face up to 70 years… » read more

U.S. federal officials have disclosed that agents at the U.S. border may seize a traveler’s laptop or other electronic devices with no limits on how long they can hold them and without any suspicion of wrongdoing. The Department of Homeland Security recently disclosed the new policies that allow agents to search a laptop’s contents and… » read more

It’s not a secret, and yet, cybercrime becomes more and more dangerous, and it develops very fast. The latest findings of a report explore the trend of loosely organized clusters of attackers trading stolen data online being replaced by hierarchical cybercrime organizations. These organizations deploy sophisticated pricing models, crimeware business models refined for optimal operation,… » read more

Research the blogosphere carefully using blog search engines such as Technorati, checking the blog’s ranking and authority to find the most popular Actually read the blogger’s posts don’t just skim it – read several first to get a feel for their interests and personality. Check out the categories they cover which will also help –… » read more

EU Proposes Retroactive Copyright Extension by 45 years According to ArsTechnica, EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has unveiled a plan to retroactively extend musical copyrights by 45 years, which would make EU musical copyrights last 95 years total. Why? They’re worried that musicians won’t continue to collect royalties when they retire and this will give them… » read more

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