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The past 6 months revealed that the root of many problems of the EU is not only to find in the institutions, but also in the leadership. Eurocrats, opinion-makers, you guys failed. Hard words, but look at this: remember the class-fire on the Hungarian …

A society is held together along it’s cultural and historic heritage, which are normally wrapped up in constitutions. The European Union is made up of societies which do have common values, but have at least just as many differences. The European…

Half time review

Hungary is now in the depths of its presidential term. I decided to point out some of my reflections on the issue, but I would also ask you to do exactly the same by posting a comment. I wonder how Europeans judge the first-ever Hungarian EU-presidency. The everyday routine of the European (public) administration seems… » read more

By introducing European Semester, the flagship of today’s European economic programme and by being authorized to somewhat control national budgets, the Commission wants to be seen as primus inter pares among the member states. But there are three possible obstacles too. First – authorization This authorization is not wrong in itself, what we can be… » read more

The Spinelli phenomenon

Altiero Spinelli was the heavyweight of the European federalist movement, first as activist, then as a very hardworking MEP. What does classic federalism want? In a nutshell it’s autonomy of the member states, under a common judicial and legislational authority, and the citizens’ democratic rights are provided by the Union. As decades went by federalism… » read more

Herman van Rompuy in Budapest

Honestly, nothing new was revealed at today’s conference in Budapest, where European Council president Mr. Herman van Rompuy addressed the audience, in the company of Mr. János Martonyi (Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Mr. József Pálinkás (president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). Nevertheless, it was worth seeing. See some of the reasons. First… » read more

Today’s politicians and political journalists seem to try to set the readers’ mind against nationalism. A month ago The Washington Post published an article, warning Europeans to take serious the rise of nationalist movements, as they put the existence of the EU at risk. The author also says that European infrastructure is dimmed by national… » read more

Enhanced democracy

In my previous post I noted that the first step to bridge the gap between individuals and the European level is the flow of coherent information. Now this one is about the second, also necessary step, which is (in one word) legitimacy. Most of us agree that the best method in a democracy to obtain… » read more

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