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Some members of the European Parliament propose to include a requirement into the new Construction Products Regulation concerning the information on hazardous substances. Especially SMEs will be unable to fulfill this requirement. They have to rely on the informtion given to them by their suppliers of materials and substances. According to REACH, the suppliers have… » read more

In 1997, ETAG 001 “Metal anchors for use in concrete” has been issued by the European Commission as the first valid ETAG ever. Please read more on the importance of approved anchors for end users and installers in the “Guidance Note: European Technical Approvals for Anchors used in construction”. Since 1997, about 500 European Technical… » read more

The position adopted by the Council (document 10753/10 dated 06.07.2010) introduces remarkable improvements compared to the initial proposal of the Commission (KOM(2008) 311 final), not least by inclusion of a relevant number of amendments from the 1st Reading in the European Parliament of 23.04.2009. Relevant improvements have been made in the context of the suitability… » read more

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