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The EU blog aggregator is 3 years old – and needs your help! Bloggingportal is website that aggregates articles from hundreds of EU related blogs, including many of those hosted on The project went online on 26 January 2009 and is since then probably the only comprehensive website of this kind gathering blog posts […]

The European Commission yesterday adopted a Communication outlining the different options for a European terrorist finance tracking system (TFTS) – which acts as a counter-part to the American Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme (TFTP). The US system has been legalised in 2010 by the so called SWIFT agreement between the EU and the United States. The […]

The EU justice and home affairs minister are about to agree on a large-scale banking data sharing plan with the United States. The agreement will have a massive impact on the privacy of banking data of European businesses and citizens. Background of the deal It’s everything about SWIFT, a company that handles the bank transactions… » read more

Like many people in Brussels I was following yesterday the election of Jose Manuel Barroso as Commission President in the European Parliament. Specifically I was asking myself what role the Socialist Group in the EP played. The official line of the Socialist & Democrats Group was to abstain in the vote on the Commission President.… » read more

A new, interesting tools has been launched to detect the online traces of any person. Here is what it shows for “Brusselsblogger” The tool is called Personas and was developed by the MIT Media Lab. You can try it out here: (click on “launch personas” to start a search) First I was surprised to… » read more

A recent OECD report compares mobile phone charges in OECD countries. Many readers will not be surprised to hear that – for high-usage customers – Belgium is one of the more expensive countries. To put this more into an EU context: I have taken the data available via the OECD press release, added percentages for… » read more

EU domain names for sale

Brusselsblogger’s sister blog “Brusselsmedia” today features a post about an auction of EU domain names. If you are in EU communications or just responsible for an EU project you might want to check it out. Original post by brusselsblogger

The Open Europe blog raises a point that I am sure has been discussed before. While I don’t agree with the tone of the post I think the idea to publish all minutes of COREPER is an interesting one. It is there where member state’s ambassadors to the EU prepare and take decisions. Original post… » read more

I wanted to start this blog already a while ago because I believe that the EU debates in the member states are worthwhile to be accessible to a wider audience, in Brussels and elsewhere. This English language blog is about the Austria in the EU. My first post provides some background on the radical change […]

Avoid Plebiscites

On June 12, Irish voters will pronounce themselves on the Lisbon Treaty. It will be the 6th time since 1972 that the Irish electorate is called upon to give its assent to changes of the EU Treaties. Ireland is the only EU member state to indulge in an extensive use of referenda, […] Original post… » read more

Three hundred and ten articles about culture and none of them has dealt with films.. Time to cast my ignorance about films aside, and ask a bunch of young Slovak about their preferences when it comes to projections on the wide screen. Original post by Bruno

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