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Live from the EU budget negotiations in Brussels … posted on the Bankwatch blog by Markus Trilling, EU funds campaign coordinator EU leaders and their entourages are now inside the Justus Lipsius building, sitting down to negotiate the top agenda item of the latest European Council meeting: the EU budget for 2014-2020. Alongside dinner they […]

In an unambiguous letter Members of the European Parliament have reminded the European Investment Bank of the economic and environmental risks that the Sostanj lignite power plant project poses for Europe and Slovenia. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Anelia Stefanova, Bankwatch Campaigns Director Members of the European Parliament have called upon the European Investment […]

A potential cooperation between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the agro-corporation Monsanto has thankfully not come to fruition. The case highlights the difficulties for a large development bank to reach farmers on the ground. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Pippa Gallop, Bankwatch’s research coordinator You may remember that in November 2012 […]

The EU budget summit, the much-anticipated showdown featuring Europe’s 27 member states, the European Parliament, the European Commission and European Council president Herman van Rompuy over how much EU funding – and for what – is to be spent in the 2014-20 budgetary period, is now on. And all the talk is of what exactly […]

With a key EU summit one month away, how do things currently stand with the tortuous, plate tectonic-esque EU budget 2014-2020 negotiations? posted on the Bankwatch blog by Greig Aitken, Bankwatch Mail editor These are negotiations, if you recall, that got underway in summer 2011 when the European Commission proposed that 20 percent of future […]

This year, the European Commission and Parliament alongside governments of member states are meant to decide the shape of the next one trillion EU Budget (to be used between 2014-2020). The main debate, at the moment, is between net contributors asking to decrease the overall size of the budget […]

For its first loan to ‘Arab Spring’ countries the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has chosen vehicles and partners whose ability to deliver developmental value is highly uncertain. posted on the Bankwatch blog by Greig Aitken, Bankwatch Mail editor This post is an article from the upcoming Issue 53 of our quarterly newsletter Bankwatch […]

Continued debates about a reduction of the future EU budget jeopardise the potential of using EU funds for energy efficiency and renewables investments to provide necessary economic stimulus and climate mitigation. How much money is needed to create 62 300 jobs and how much to save 523 megatonnes of CO2 emissions annually? Yesterday’s General Affairs […]

Alleged corruption at Poland’s second biggest state-owned energy company ENEA S.A. may compromise yet another project financed by European public banks. We have seen a number of cases recently, where clients of the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have allegedly been involved in serious cases of corruption. (See for […]

Europe’s anti-crisis measures include efforts to increase private investments in public infrastructure. Yet, a backlash against public-private partnerships in Portugal is a warning against putting too much faith in this approach. Many reactions to the solutions proposed by Europe’s political leaders to the deepening and spreading eurozone crisis seem to revolve around two things: scepticism […]

by Berber Verpoest Shifting gears from the austerity years, EU leaders recently proposed injecting EUR 120 billion into the European economy. In practice, half of this amount will come in the form of loans from the European Investment Bank (EU member states, EIB’s shareholders recently decided to increase the bank’s capital by EUR 10 billion, […]

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