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La Commission européenne a mis en demeure la Hongrie de démontrer dans un délai de deux semaines que sa loi contestée sur les médias est conforme à la législation européenne, a annoncé vendredi 21 janvier un porte-parole de la Commission. « Je confirme que la Hongrie dispose de deux semaines pour répondre; passé ce délai,… » read more

I remember the young children of the war who always preferred to play on concret because green meant death for them. And I remember forests with mines that have not seen mankind or any greater animal for a decade because of the landmines. This year I would like to find out what happened with those… » read more

Alexander Lukaschenko lässt sich feierlich in sein Amt einführen – und keiner geht hin. Jedenfalls fehlt jeglicher hohe Besuch aus der EU. Doch der Boykott ist eine eher hilflose Geste. Tatsache ist: Die Prügelorgien des weißrussischen Diktators haben nicht nur die Opposition im Land hart getroffen. Auch viele Politiker und Diplomaten […]

Make or break-year for G20

Cleaning up the debris of the 2007-2008 Great Recession is not a job for the fainthearted. It’s enough to look around us to realise that the task is herculean, as it involves efforts similar to cleaning Augias’ stables. Dealing with toxic assets, implementing harsh and unpopular austerity measures, avoiding currency and trade wars and increasing… » read more

Next week in Brussels the Eureka Network is holding an event related to Venture Capital in Europe. As such, I thought it might be interesting to abuse my position of Moderator of the event and ask some questions of key speakers about the role that VC can play in innovation policy in the EU. Therefore,… » read more

Die US-Regierung hat ziemlich viel Lärm um den gegenwärtigen Besuch des chinesischen Präsidenten Hu Jintao in Washington gemacht … Bei einigen dürfte das Trommelfeuer an Kommentaren etwa von Finanzminister Timothy Geithner, Handelsminister Gary Locke und Außenministerin Hillary Clinton im Vorfeld der Ankunft eines hochbedeutenden Gastes selbst als etwas grob betrachtet werden. Aber, um gerecht zu… » read more

Aunque es cierto que el papel todo lo aguanta y que las grandes consultoras internacionales han quedado en entredicho por su escasa capacidad de predicción de la crisis financiera que se nos echó encima hace dos años, no es menos cierto que los planteamientos prospectivos que tratan de proyectarnos una imagen a futuro de la… » read more

January of a New Year in Brussels is always a month of planning, discussion, retreats and, of course, of hope that the policies in the New Year will be successful. This year, many of the planned activities for January announced that “Europe needs a fresh start for the 2011”. Is this… Surprising? Not really […]

Stuxnet may be the most developed tool for cyber war today, it made more harm to Iran’s nuclear development program than all the sanctions and diplomatic negotiations together. Despite its effectiveness it helped to avoid traditional air strike which could cause destruction of military targets as well collateral damage […]

Geld regiert die Welt. Wir müssen hinzufügen – chinesisches Geld, wenn auch es momentan nicht die Yuans sind, sondern Dollar und Euro. Pekings Vertreter bereisen die krisenbedingt ausgeblutete Welt mit einem Koffer voller Geld und machen auf guten Onkel … Während die Finanzfachleute zu zweifeln beginnen, dass Portugal, Spanien oder Griechenland ihre Staatsanleihen verkaufen könnten,… » read more

Several questions were asked by journalists today regarding the EU’s position on the Tunisian “jasmine revolution“, no real answer was given by Ashton’s spokesperson. One of the questions was: can we take it, if the EU expresses support for the Tunisia revolution, that it also supports the opposition against other oppressive regimes in Morocco, Algiers,… » read more

According to data released by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2010 has been -jointly with 2005- the warmest year on earth since the middle of the 19th century, when reliable meteorological measurements first started. In 2010,the global surface temperature was 0.6° above the average temperature of 14.5° during the 20th century, a big… » read more

The supporters of Boyko Borissov in Bulgaria are a bit short of arguments these days. But this is what they say to support the Prime Minister, as the wiretap scandal unfolds: 1. Yes, Borissov may be seen as someone from the underground, but in a country so corrupted by the mafia, only someone like him… » read more

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