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The EU’s use of the precautionary principle has become counter-productive – a tool manipulated by cunning political interests resulting in increased environmental-health risks. Its very raison d’être, to restore trust in science, has been turned on its head by activists and functionaries in the European Environment Agency […]

Les ministres des affaires étrangères de l’Union européenne aurait dû, lundi 31 janvier à Bruxelles, adopter des « propositions concrètes » pour protéger les libertés religieuses dans le monde. Le sujet est délicat en Europe. Personne n’en doute mais cela ne justifie pas l’insignifiance d’un report à plus tard. Si la notion de liberté religieuse… » read more

Berlin, January 24th-28th Fondation EurActiv and the Robert Bosch Stiftung launched an innovative journalist training program to help young journalists gain experience of European Union policies and online media. One week of training in Berlin, in cooperation with EurActiv Germany, will be followed by an internship with Fondation EurActiv. The winning journalists will spend up… » read more

About (general) interest and other necessary demythisations Yesterday I was sitting in the bus 21, the most European one here in Bruxelles, as it rumbles around the EU Quartier and wise guys bearing appropriate access passes to these Institutions are allowed also to take this bus for free. It is never too crowded and […]

The UK is not the only country where opinions on medicines can be challenged in court. In France, Astellas Pharma, a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company has filed a lawsuit in Paris against the independent French medical journal, Prescrire, for publishing unfavorable comments about their anti-eczema ointment, tacrolimus (brand name – Protopic). The case arises from… » read more

European Commission President weighs into Irish election by helping EPP pals Barroso’s meeting with Irish opposition leader Enda Kenny adds weight to Kenny’s efforts to portray himself as a political heavyweight. But is it right for the Commission President to offer such publicity to Kenny in the midst of a general election campaign? Certainly, the… » read more

At the start of his presidency, Barack Obama spoke about his administration’s intentions to mend fences with the Islamic world. In hindsight, we might be forgiven to think that he meant Kenya’s Islamic community and not the Arab one. The plight of Arabs living in US-backed authoritarian states does not seem to get the same… » read more

To the casual observer, Kazakhstan can be a tricky country to get to grips with. In 2010 they scored a major diplomatic coup by becoming the first post-Soviet country to chair the OSCE, where they hosted the stagnant organisation’s first summit in 11 years. While its neighbour Kyrgyzstan descended in chaos, Kazakhstan seemeed an oasis… » read more

Respect de la laïcité dans l’espace scolaire, école obligatoire dès trois ans, accueil des parents : un rapport remis vendredi au Premier ministre lance 50 idées pour mieux intégrer les enfants issus de l’immigration dans l’école de la République. François Fillon a demandé aux ministres concernés de lui faire des propositions au vu de ce… » read more

Le concept Startup Weekend, soutenu depuis trois ans par l’excellente Kauffman Foundation, propose d’accompagner l’émergence d’idées business et de les transformer entreprise en à peine 54 heures. Le Lean Startup, les événements type Startup Weekend ou encore les méthodes de gestion dites agiles sont aujourd’hui des voies à explorer pour permettre de tester et de… » read more

The biggest leak of confidential documents in the history of the Middle East conflict began on Sunday, 23th January 2011 by the Al-Jazeera website with Britain’s Guardian newspaper. A cache of thousands of pages of confidential Palestinian records covering more than a decade of negotiations with Israel and the US has been […]

Ein Leitartikel der GLOBAL TIMES vom Montag brachte das Konzept der “nationalen Integration” auf, ein Prozess, durch den regionale Wirtschaften, Gesellschaften und Kulturen in ein überregionales Netzwerk integriert werden. Globalisierung ist in China zu einem Schlagwort geworden, aber die nationale Integration wurde nicht gründlich analysiert, obwohl sie rasch voranschreitet. Es ist an der Zeit, dass… » read more

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