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From “jobs and growth” to “innovation” via “better regulation” with a dash of “ambitious not throwing the baby out with the bathwater”, the EU is often guilty of mangled metaphors, jarring jargon and relentless repetition.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will make his first State of the European Union speech on 9 September and seasoned Brussels-watchers are bracing themselves for a torrent of Eurobabble.

But instead of resigning themselves to drowning in EU speak, some have decided to make the most of Juncker’s landmark address – by playing bingo.

#Junkerbullshitbingo is the new incarnation of a tradition begun under word-mangling buzzword enthusiast José Manuel Barroso.

Players pick the ten words or phrases they think Jean-Claude will utter before he gives his speech.
Names of other EU politicians, the EU itself, and EU institutions are not allowed.

And the person who gets a “full house” fastest, will be rewarded with a Better Regulation football shirt!

junker shirt

Who said Brussels was boring?

If you want to take part, take a look at organiser Jon Worth’s blog here.

Here’s Heard in Europe’s picks:
1. Jobs and growth
2. Innovation
3. We must not waste a crisis
4. We must not become Fortress Europe
5. Ambitious
6. The Euro is irreversible
7. Reforms are necessary
8. We will consult with all stakeholders before coming out with a proposal
9. We will deliver a roadmap
10. We need a framework that will deliver a level playing field

Photo courtesy of Malta Girl and Flickr. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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