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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been accused of increasingly dictatorial tendencies but he has never been accused of plotting the murder of blind mole rats.

That all changed this week in the wake of strongman Orbán’s pushing on with plans for a 110 mile fence along Hungary’s border with Serbia.

The fence, designed to keep out pesky migrants, will also lead to the extinction of the Vojvodina Blind Mole Rat, campaigners have warned.

The creature lives along the border and the giant fence will separate the population and speed up its demise.

Unlike authoritarian Orbán – who is much given to antagonising the EU and cosying up to Vladimir Putin – the Vojvodina Blind Mole Rat is one of the most threatened mammals in Europe.

The dinky mites don’t even have external eyes, instead muddling along with rudimentary peepers under their skin.

Orbán, by contrast, is fully sighted and has spoken out in favour of the death penalty.


You can read more about the plight of the mole rats here and why the migrant fence isn’t just an affront to humanity – but bestiality as well.

Heard in Europe would be very surprised if the beasties’ plight deters vicious Viktor.

After all this is a man who, along with the UK’s David Cameron, was mean enough to stand against cuddly Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment as Commission President!

Here’s a video of the Commission’s very own furry little creature getting his claws out and his own back.

So come on Jean-Claude – give Viktor another slap for the Vojvodina Blind Mole Rat.

Photo of mole rat courtesy of INCVP. Photo of Orbán courtesy of Flickr and the EPP.

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