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The Beyond 2020 Forum took place between the 22nd and the 24th of June in LISPOLIS – Association for the Technological Pole of Lisbon, Portugal.




Different topics concerning our cities like Smart Cities, Urban Policies, Urban Agenda, Civic Participation, Entrepreneurship, Smart Mobility were discussed over the three days of the Forum. The conference highlighted the role of the human being at the core of city transformations through a number of national and international case studies.  Thanks to these cases, participants  discovered how citizens are increasingly involved in their neighbourhoods to build a better city in a co-creative, participative way. Around 150 people attended the conference and its sessions, visited the exhibition area and linked with other professionals.

One of the most interesting presentations was delivered by Caron Atlas, (Director at Arts & Democracy, New York), who presented Newyorkese initiatives like the Laundromat project, aiming to use arts and culture that already exist within communities to solve local problems, organise social activities and enhance citizens’ sense of ownership. The audience was also fascinated by Tuula Antola’s introduction (City of Espoo, Finland) to Espoo Innovation Garden, an initiative preparing a seedbed for creating new jobs and a good, strong living environment in the spirit of co-creation with companies, communities and residents. Dr. Alvaro Oliveira, the MyN Coordinator, intervened in the discussion together with the Portuguese Ministers and other high level representatives of the government.

The conference combined presentations from well-known public actors with private players like Vodafone. The company joined the conference to present its machine-to-machine strategy, an all-new, fast growing technology for smarter cities particularly focused on mobility and the automotive sector.

During Beyond 2020 different sessions were dedicated to MyNeighbourhood and the Human Smart Cities NetworkThe MyNeighbourhood team presented the Human Smart City vision, network and project activities during a number of sessions held on both 22 and 24 June. Participants were impressed by the way the consortium established close relationship with involved citizens in different European cities (Aalborg, Milan, Lisbon, Birmingham), using Living Lab methodologies to achieve social change and innovate the neighbourhoods.


The MyNeighbourhood platform, outcome of this 2 and a half year initiative, is a place for neighbours to gather, get to know each other and enjoy the space they share. 25 European neighbourhoods are already part of it.

Visit the platform online and propose it to your neighbours and municipality: joining MyNeighbourhood is easy, value-adding and for free! To find out more about our work check our Facebook account and follow us on Twitter.

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