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“It’s just like that Tom Hanks film!” I cried – half rejoicing, half rattled.

The breaking news last month that the European Commission had rubber-stamped seventeen GM maize, cotton, soybean and oil-seed rape (and even two GM carnations) import approvals, after months and in-some-cases years of delays, left me momentarily giddy. Because yes, some of these products have been pending in the system for 6.5 years since the time of submission!

The picture that swam into my head was that final scene in ‘The Terminal’ when after months trapped inside a JFK International airport terminal, the stateless but noble Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) once again feels fresh-air on his face.

‘The journey of Mr. Maize to Europe’ that you can watch below is a short ‘The Terminal’ inspired video. For those of you who have seen the film, I’m sure you will recognize the storyline.

Here he is at last. European livestock farmers can now again source more affordable feed for their animals and in the meantime we won’t see the price of our meat go up. But for how long? There are still over 40 additional GM crop import applications pending in the system. I sincerely hope they won’t have to undergo the same kind of uncertainty and delays as Mr Maize.

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