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We’ve all done things we’ve regretted after a Guinness or seven on St Patrick’s Day.

Heard in Europe certainly has woken up with a few regrets in the past.

That’s why we we are not rushing to judge Commissioners Cañete and Vella for this snap, posted on Twitter.

We will simply point out that Commissioner Hogan, who is Irish, and Commissioner Bulc, who is not,  managed to resist the temptation to don novelty hats and a feather boa.

And that, even with a very, very high hat on, Vella is still nowhere near as tall as “Big Phil” Hogan.

Not to be outdone, Jean-Claude Juncker later turned up at the Irish Embassy’s gala shindig. Sadly, the Commission president managed to resist the temptation to dress up…at least as far as we know.

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