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The chronicles tell these days that in Ukraine a group of activists, assembled on the verge of the Parliament, have thrown tomatoes against a panel with photos of the politicians demanding measures anticorruption.

Though it would not be not bad at all to copy this initiative in our country, my offer is much more modest: to apply this measure to the area of the television and, concretely, to that of the Telerubbish (it is possible to do another day a summons against the persons in charge of what is happening in RTVE).

In a hypothetical panel against the Telerubbish they might not be absent: Paolo Vasile, managing director of Tele5, for whom ” The television is the teacher of the manipulation “.


Oscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, of The Factory of the TV (Here there is tomato, Save Me …), they have discovered that it of Telerubbish is antiquated. Now, the modern thing is Fast tv says. It is sure that they are they those who have inspired Fátima Báñez to affirming that our young persons do not go out to other countries to look for employment and that cannot speak of emigration but of ” exterior mobility “.

Jorge Javier Vázquez, something more than Presenter of ” Save Me “, this program so educational that is issued in protection schedule for the minors to which Pedro Sanchez calls, not to show his disagreement with the program, but to defend the Toro de la Vega.

In end, we might add an extensive list of secondary, tertiary and quaternary actors but it is not worth it. In a country in which the treeless corruption to his broad ones and whose President says that it is not possible to speak about widespread corruption, this only they are peccata minute.

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