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10 June 2014 Tuesday 10:35

Kader Sevinç, a poet whose book “Kırık Ülke / Broken Country” is recently published, met her readers at a book signing held at Aziz Kedi Kitabevi in Galatasaray / İstanbul on April 8.

Sevinç developed an original language in her poetry and formed the backbone of the poetry with the themes; “love, nature, never-ending human joy and the sense of responsibility to human”.

In her “Kırık Ülke” poem saying :

“shame gone sour of echo/ dream of that old broken country once again”,

Sevinç is member of the Presidency board of the PES, the Party of European Socialists and the CHP European Union Representative in Brussels. Sevinç, member of Johns Hopkins University /SAIS Academy member in Washing DC, has published her poems in various magazines and fanzines called No Edebiyat, Başka, Ay, Şiirden, İzmir İzmir, BT Sanat, Nar. Kader Sevinç, has collaborated to the discussion lines of European Constitution with 50 European poems gathered with the initiative of Brussels Poems Group in 2009. “European Constitution in Verses” poetry book has been published and publicized in many EU capitals with readings.

Sevinç, who collaborated to the events in Passaporta Art Literature Center in Brussels, also took place in Brussels Raw Festival and Washington DC Busboys & Poets events. Kader Sevinç, who is  excited to meet the readers in Turkey as well as the events performed abroad, has said that “We all at least have one “broken country”. A broken country, which is broken and ours, despite of all of our plans, dreams and us. Broken countries, which we spent a lifetime just to mend it. Second of all, I believe that no one is happy about the current situation of our country as a community no matter what party they sympathize in. Turkey is a bit of a broken country for all of us. Today, we are at a starting point to establish the country which we all will live in pride.”

On the front cover of “Kırık Ülke/Broken Country”, there is an oil painting of Ms. Sevinç. The back cover photo is by Lütfi Özkök, worldwide known photography artist living in Stockholm and famous for his portraits of Nobel Prize winning writers and poets.

Also, Kader Sevinç will soon offer a jazz/poem CD, “River-long Loneliness”, a joint project with Robert Mehmet İkiz, a musician from Sweden.

You may find detailed information about the poet and her studies. She is also member of the editorial board of Şiirden Magazine (Of Poetry Magazine), at

About Kader Sevinç

She is international relations practitioner, social entrepreneur and poet. She is currently a member of the PES Presidency Council (Party of European Socialists&Democrats); the EU representative the CHP, Turkish social democratic and main opposition party, in Brussels; a non-resident fellow of the SAIS (Johns Hopkins University – Washington); founder of the Brussels-based debate club, the Turkish Coffee Briefings; leader of the educational initiative, the Sinif-1B. Kader Sevinç is an honors graduate from the Akdeniz University and holds her MA in International Relations from CERIS/Paris XI University and completed Jean Monnet European Integration Program. She previously worked in the Akdeniz University’s EU research center, private sector, and in the European Parliament as advisor.  In 2013 Kader Sevinç was recognized by the Diplomatic Courier magazine and the YPFP in Washington DC among the most influential young foreign policy leaders in the world. She is an editorial board member of the Siirden poetry magazine in Istanbul, co-author of a political poetry book “The European Constitution in Verse” (2009, Brussels) and plays in the theater show of “100% Brussels”. Her poetry book “Kırık Ülke” (Broken Country) was published and her bi-lingual jazz/poetry album “River-long Loneliness” was released in 2014 (

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