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CHP Vice Chairperson Faruk Loğoğlu: “Ukraine Needs Peace” – 28 February 2014

“Ukraine, a European country of great strategic significance, has for some time now been facing turmoil and developments sadly resulting in the unfortunate loss of lives.  Tension has now taken grip of also the Crimean region of the country.  Our citizens of Crimean origin and the entire Turkish public are watching the situation with great concern. The priority should be securing and protecting the lives of Ukrainian citizens including Tatars living in the autonomous region of Crimea and to solve the region’s problems by peaceful means.

In the same vein, turning Ukraine into an arena of power struggle between the USA and EU on the one side and the Russian Federation on the other side is not an appropriate approach, one that is likely to raise tension and social fractionalization in the country. Thus, the protection of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and stability without intervention of outside forces should be the essential goal.

Ukraine should take part in Europe on the basis of values of democracy, supremacy of law, basic rights and liberties. What the country needs therefore is calm, not tension and conflict! In line with these guidelines and values, CHP stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Statement by the Republican People’s Party Vice Chairperson Faruk Loğoğlu: “The cost of outside intervention would be high and heavy!” – 2 March 2014

We continue to be deeply concerned with the unfolding events in Ukraine. Especially the possibility of a Russian intervention in Crimea, a region which is an inseparable part of Ukraine, has the potential of turning the problem into an international crisis.  The cost of such an intervention would therefore be high and heavy.

As we stated before, for CHP the protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine being fundamental, any intervention from the outside would thus be a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and constitute an aggression against it. Consequently it would be appropriate and proper to resolve the tensions there by peaceful means through dialogue and by means of contacts and consultations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation as required.


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