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Turkey-EU Timeline

01-09-1959, Turkey applies for associate membership in the European Economic Community (EEC). 

01-09-1963, Association agreement (“Ankara Agreement”) is signed by Ismet Inönü. 

14-04-1987, Turkey’s membership application tothe European Economic Community (EEC),
01-01-1995 Turkey-EU Association Council finalises agreement creating a customs union.
01-12-1997, Luxembourg Council summit declares Turkey eligible to become EU member.
01-03-2001, Council adopts Accession Partnership for Turkey.
28-05-1999 / 18-11.2002, Ecevit’s government undertook three major EU reform packages aimed at stabilizing the Turkish economy in preparation for accession negotiations with the European Union.
03-08-2002, The death penalty is being lifted by Ecevit government in Turkey.
01-05-2003, Council adopts revised Accession Partnership for Turkey.
24-04-2004, The separate simultaneous referenda held in Cyprus resulted in the majority Greek Cypriot population voting down the UN Plan, peace, unity and Europe, (75.38% against), whereas the minority Turkish Cypriot population voted for the Plan (64.91% in favour).
01.05 2004, Cyprus joined the European Union together with nine other countries.
01-12-2004, Council defines conditions for opening accession negotiations.
01-10-2005, Council adopts negotiating framework, and negotiations are formally opened.
3-10-2005, Luxembourg Summit, Turkey and Croatia officially started membership negotiations with the EU.
01-10-2005, ”Screening process” begins to determine to what degree Turkey meets the membership criteria and what remains to be done.
01-06-2006, Negotiations are opened and closed on Chapter 25 (science and research).
01-12-2006 Because Turkey does not apply to Cyprus the Additional Protocol to the Ankara Agreement, Council decides that eight chapters will not be opened, no chapter will be provisionally closed.
25-06-2007 – French President Nicolas Sarkozy unilaterally blocked five chapters that relate to Turkey’s ultimate membership
01.01.2008, Cyprus joined the Eurozone.
01-02-2008 Council adopts revised Accession Partnership for Turkey.
30-06-2010 Negotiations are opened on Chapter 12 (food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy).
17-05-2012 Positive Agenda intended to bring fresh dynamics into the EU-Turkey relations was launched.
3-10-2005 / 07-02-1013 : In the accession process, 13 chapters (“4-Free Movement of Capital”, “6-Company Law”, “7-Intellectual Property Law”, “10-Information Society and Media”, “12-Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Policy”, “16-Taxation”, “18-Statistics”, “20-Enterprise and Industrial Policy”, “21-Trans-European Networks”, “25-Science and Research”, “27-Environment”, “28-Consumer and Health Protection”, “32-Financial Control”) have been opened to negotiations so far and 1 of them (“25-Science and Research”) has been provisionally closed.


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