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Written by Saurav Raj Pant (Member of IPWG)

Not for sure, but the latest indication shows the Syrian Civil war which broke out as part of Arab Spring in March 15th, 2011 entered to the new zone of line which could seriously vitiate the current turmoil of Syria. More visibly, White House disclosed statement if proven the use of chemical weapons it could activate the options broadly including US-led military intervention as the ultimate ‘response’ to the crisis. Besides, US had reloaded interceptor from West Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to Northern Jordan which clearly indicates her concerned over its allies; Jordan and Israel for any possible Iranian threat. And, also Washington is urging Turkey-Israel to resume their strategic and security relationship as early as possible to responds towards the Syrian conflict.

On the contrary, Russia is also concerned over spillover of Syrian Crisis in Lebanon stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov and worried about prolongation of the Syrian conflict and expressed for finding quick solution to the crisis. Bogdanov openly halted the option about foreign intervention in Syria under the text of used of Chemical weapons in Syria. He further added about violent intervention in Iraqi affairs under the text of nuclear weapons resulting turned out ‘nothing’.

Notably, Washington is knitting defensive Strategic partnership scenario between US-Turkey which has already been meaningful specially to address the Syrian conflicts where Turkey hosts hundreds of NATO US soldiers as a part of Patriot Missile system to strike any possible raids from Syria and expected anti-chemical weapons strike to get in the piles as stated by Istanbul based Center for Economics and Foreign Studies (EDAM).

West Capitals proposing with international communities to intervene in Economic bans on Syria which could stoppage the purchase of Syrian oil which may be viable options rather than Governments of US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey helping the rebels groups to conduct military operations  against Bashar’s regime with zero output.

This has made development of another perilous consequence of increasingly influence of Islamist fighters-somehow aligned with Terrorist groups on Syrian rebellion army altering the destination of Syrian Future.  Underlining the circumstances and previous ‘track records’ of US intervention on Iraq, President Obama has to examine all facts and figures counters with Syrian affairs before any actions to Syria.

The Syrian crisis is also lingering due to Russia’s and China’s Veto Power in UN which could outlaw any UN action by the Security Council which had made UN potentially weak and imaginable routes would be ‘ coalitions’ or NATO intervention unless if not obstructed by Western. This has made Washington upset for Moscow’s harder role in the UN Security Council for any kinds of sanctions to Moscow’s ally Syria.

Partition of views over Syrian Conflicts inside US is also secondary troublesome to address the issues. Republicans- proposing dangerous inaction in Syria followed by Democrats- Urging White House to setup its humanitarian response to the 2 years old civil war stated in New York Times. Republicans senators also stressed not to embolden nations like Iran and North Korea and work urgently for intervention and also possibly to establish ‘no fly zone’ as stated on CBS New Program.

Moreover experts concerned over intervention in Syria possibly could develop clashes inside Lebanon-polarized between Hezbollah Assad Camp and political parties backed by Saudi Arab and the West to the deadliest full scale war. Likewise, Turkey seems to be dragged in to the possible US led intervention in Syrian crisis resulting to the direct confrontation with Iran making spillover Syrian people to the Turkish-Syria border.


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