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In this political analytical issue i want to reveal and find solutions of modern societies’ problems.

Changing it`s better to say improving migration policy of USA which forms mr. Obama`s isn`t reply only for me but for million of american`s who suffers from unqualified residents ( I and other rational people can`t fail to appreciate and undercover mr. Barack Obama because of his permanently attempts of developing. How it known if car isn`t improving it bypasses by modern and fast 1. Without citizen the society can`t exist and without society can`t be the state Previous american president`s were busy in the foreign (international) affairs that was 1 of the significant components of current financial (bank sphere and iflation), economical (unemployment) and social (mortgage) crisis’s. When i faced with having visa my american associates were confused because of consideration and examination of documents and cases which takes even several weeks. How it known time is money. A power organization wins after having more achievements than competitor at the same time.

The global migration is really 1 of the biggest problems of the world. In virtue of migration the poorest countries becomes more poor and people on the ground of poverty more leaves their country. People without education, knowing of PC and language can`t play by the rule of state and becomes the criminals selling drugs, bodies and plundering society. According the following infographics is evident that`s crimes is more in the most richest megapolices of the East of USA ( Mostly more robs are in richest cities. 1 of factors of criminogenic is overpopulation ( If to pay attention on the following list is becomes evident that if strike out from the list cities of Latin America where is government management is weaker it becomes evident that mostly misdeed is convicted in the West Countries (

Also i can give some recommendations for appropriate organizations for prevent migration. Many of american and european institutions supports Africa, Asian and other poor regions by financial funds. You know in China is a very good proverb. I`ll not write it on chinesse)) but the meaning is following “If catch fish to someone he ask for it forever but if teach him he will learn it forever”. So, it would be better to maintenance “Third World Country” not financially but with science and education. If provide them e-learning and e-science in economics, entrepreneurship and other spheres via internet it would help to safe million USD from deliveries, teachers and materials.

Maybe it`s funny promotion of sexual culture by TV, mass media and internet is 1 of the biggest cause if decreasing of population of “West Countries”. I do know that sexual ads sell more goods and services but with it TV, mass media and internet also sells it society. By the fact % 5 of prostitutes of the world is HIV infected. If a man eats at home he will have the sense of hunger. So, it would be better to provide established by God normal and heterosexual family values because every thing have it regulations and for have successful life we should play under the rules of it`s Creator.

I`m intently used the sportive title of the article because invisibly the “East” wins the “West” by it`s culture. In 1 of the statistical researches was announced that in the half of 21 century the quantity of blondmen will drop by a third.

Last week i`ve proposed to 1 of the european payment system to contract and enlarge it service worldwide. It`s interesting that it`s directors of development less attempt to conquer the world. Maybe company wants or not but laws and tendency in services and goods will dictate that 1 who is first come to markets.

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