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Before Easter, I gave the presentation outlined below, together the the EP’s chief of communication. This was organised by Centre International de Formation Européenne, of which I am an alumnus. Attendants included mostly communication experts, from retired officials who set up the DG Comms to party spokespeople.  A related video interview is also available.

The level of interest encouraged me to accept giving a similar lecture at ULB’s Institute d’Etudes d’Européennes, on 8 May. The title is a bit wider and daring: ‘Les médias (dé)font l’Europe?’

I am also giving some advice regarding the next elections campaigns (but may not reveal the detailed recommendations!). What’s my net take though?

Neither the institutions nor the parties let alone the candidates have enough awareness and money to reach the broad public. Therefore they have to engage multipliers, not only the trendy social media and usual stakeholders, but also good old media, ie journalists. And chiefly at national level, in the right languages and with relevant angles.

Sounds new? No. Sounds easy? Not either. Should it be done? Yes. When? Soon, not waiting to the official campaigns when all candidates are known.

Behind all this, there is the creation of a European Public Space. A dream yet, but a dream quite a few people share, and do something about. These presentations are for me a way to test ideas and reach out to potential allies in this endeavour. That why presentations mater (finally justifying this post’s title!).  More here about related strategic projects.

I’ll keep this post short, interested parties may ask me directly about these lectures.












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