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Name: Christopher Doyon, Anonymous hactivist “Commander X”

Place: Canada, ANONYMOUS’ hideout.

Nationality: American.


FBI fugitive.

On how they work:

Today for example, at 11:00 we will do a campaign. Everybody come over to IRC. When they log in, they will see what the target of the day is, what time to fire, what is the weapon of choice, sometimes different servers.  We like to use different kinds of weapons to fire these targets. So everything is already coordinated and organized for them. Me, my friend, I more powerful than a thousand soldiers with a thousand guns. I can reach out, reechoed third world governments all by myself.



Dear Network,


We have all recognized the importance of the web in every aspect of our lives.

From msn to facebook, or websites to online cyclopedia, we use Network literally every day.

And that, is not just us.

Corporations wouldn’t exist without World Wide Web. Advertising wouldn’t be what it is today if there wasn’t for web. And of course Public Relations would reach thousands of people in the blink of an eye.

This week I decided to bring an issue that is not discussed widely, yet more or less we all have heard something about it, or a similar idea has crossed our minds.

The two basic words combined in this article are: activism and hacker.

It all started in 2003 in the US when people on a public forum “4chan”, started complaining about situation in the world. Anonymous, today’s biggest hactivist team, started organizing strongly in 2007. Every since, they count numerous attacks to web sites, in countries, where corruption, violation of human rights or exploitation occurs.

Ever since their foundation, corporation web sites have been hacked, with loss of millions of dollars.  Governmental sites have been hacked with messages and warnings over the situation on the country.

Greece, Romania, USA, Syria just few of the countries where ANONYMOUS “took action”.

PayPal, Mastercard, Visa (for the cessation of their cooperation with Wikileaks), sites worldwide(for accusations against them on promoting child pornographic material), HBGary, Amazon, Swiss Bank Post Finance, Combined Systems(who manufactures tear gas for the Police),  Nasdag, Arab regimes and plenty more organizations’ and companies’ web sites has been “attacked”.

So who are these people? What are they exactly doing? And why they declare that for every hacker imprisoned, 10.000 more will be added to the group?

They identify themselves as “ANONYMOUS” and they promise they won’t stop.

The idea behind it is this: “Where bad things happen in the world, we are there. We are against violence, but we are sick of the world we are leaving in.”

ANONYMOUS is a group of people who recognized their power over the internet. People who, like the rest of us, do not like the way our world is organized. They demand justice and they do whatever they can to approach this higher value, while the absence of violence. They are against ACTA , SOPA and PIPA. Fighters of free speech and a free press. Fighters of Human Rights. These are their formal positions.

“If a protestor is getting molested somewhere is the world, you can bet ANONYMOUS is gonna be there”

-Commander X

To some, mostly their critics, they are simply “showing off” their “power” over the web, people who love anarchy and desire to mess our well structure world. They accuse them of fanaticism and manipulation of the mass through secularism. Others accuse of them of creating a feeling of terror.

So, what exactly are they? 21st century Robin Hoods, with laptops and technological equipment, instead of bows and arrows, or a new form of terrorists?

Recently, a group of anonymous in the US was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment. At the same time, thousands of hackers around the world voluntarily joined the ANONYMOUS group as an opposition to the sentence. 1 is going down. 10 are rising up. Twitter account, main tool of approaching the masses, has been a tool of recruitment. Supporters all around the world promote their videos on social media, and even ask for their help.


TELECOMIX another hactivist group has mostly focused on creating new forms of web communication, where people can speak their minds freely. Unlike ANONYMOUS, they do not immediately attack sites, but foster a form of free communication without “observers” or judgments. How users of web can securely interact over it, without the fear of governmental or corporational surveillance.



So, this is hactivism. This is its activity and no one knows what their future will bring.

I am not here to convince you whether they are good or bad. Heroes or outcasts.

All I know is that they exist. They gained our attention. Their “clicks” have cost thousands of dollars. And of course, that they are among us.

So finally, I am here to talk over the new form of revolution that is been spreading in our world.


The results are too soon to predict.



We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.”









Video to Romania:

Video to Greece:

Video to Sony:

Video on the arrest of ANONYMOUS members:


You can search their videos on youtube and get informed on their attacks on the web.

After all, this is their field.


By Sophie Zafeiri

PR Responsible of IPWG

Author :
EurActiv Network