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written by Tamás Keller, Secretary of  theInternational Politics Working Group


On the last weekend of January 2012 AEGEE- Debrecen organized a Local Training Course, where next to trainings, workshops about functional areas IPWG also played an important role.

As this was my first trip as Secretary of the International Politics Working Group it was a great opportunity to organize and hold a 2 hours long workshop and debate with 4 different topics, which represented the main fields of action of AEGEE-Europe. The topics were developed with Beata Matuszka, HR Officer of IPWG.
Peace and stability: Armenian genocide bill in France
Higher eductation: Financing the higher education should be in accordance of the demand of the corporate world
Active citizenship: Cohesion and development of poor regions in the European Union vs. financing non-EU project in developing countries and the Eastern Partnership Project
Cultural exchange: Carrying religious symbols in public space
The participating members with different educational background from AEGEE-Debrecen and AEGEE-Budapest were very active during the debate and according to Bernadett Pólya, ex-board member of AEGEE-Academy, the group dynamics during the debate was really fascinating.
This experience showed us,that thematic content in AEGEEan workhops should be also crucial part of  local events, which helps us fostering active citizenship.
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