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22 September, 2011


Europe gaining market share in world’s machine tool production CECIMO, the Association of the European Machine Tool Producers confirmed a strong upturn in this year’s output.
• The growth in Europe is forecast to be higher than that in the world
• Future trend is highly dependent on the soundness of public finances
• EMO Hannover 2011 confirmed Europe to be a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions

European machine tool industry expects to increase production in 2011 by 20% over 2010; up to 20 billion Euros. The growth is driven mostly by exports, which are forecast to grow by almost a quarter to 15,7 billion Euros. “Recovery in European manufacturing also drives up machine tool imports and consumption in Europe. The latter will increase this year by 2 billion Euros to 11,3 billion” Michael Hauser, CECIMO President summarizes.

Compared to the world, Europe remains not only the biggest machine tool producer in the world, but is also increasing its share. “Our preliminary estimations show that we will increase our share from 33,3% last year to 34,6% in 2012” Frank Brinken, Chairman of CECIMO Economic Committee estimates.


EMO was the perfect opportunity to exchange information about products and services but also about trends and market evolutions. What are the mega-issues? What are the most promising market-segments and geographical areas?

CECIMO, the owner of EMO organized international meetings for technical managers about energy-efficiency amongst other topics. The outcome of those discussions is that sustainability is high on the agenda of customers and public authorities. CECIMO meetings for general management about the world economic situation and forecasts for the sector concluded that order intake is still on the rise. Despite the fact the new bookings in the second quarter this year levelled off, there will be a clearly strong boost from EMO.

The results for the next quarters are uncertain. European machine tool business, which is recovering from the crisis is now confronted with another wave of uncertainty and deteriorating confidence in the markets. “There are clouds over the European and World economy. In Europe they are reflected in hampered access to finance across the manufacturing supply chain. If the problems are not solved quickly in an appropriate manner, the situation can have severe impact on the machine tool industry in Europe. We are predominantly small and medium sized companies thus we would be particularly affected if the negative scenario materializes”, Frank Brinken stressed.

Nevertheless European machine tool industry has very strong foundations. During EMO we saw many European manufacturers showing their newest, innovative and unique machines. “Innovation paves the way for the further growth in the European machine tool industry, it is our lifeblood”, Frank Brinken highlights. “We need to ensure in Europe the efficient framework for research and innovation with the special focus on small and medium enterprises. This is the only way to ensure Europe’s success amid growing competition”, Frank Brinken underlined.

An open discussion organised by CECIMO, around key factors for the future sustainability and competitiveness of the European machine tool industry such as skills, innovation, market surveillance and free trade agreements, took place at EMO with the participation of key representatives of the industry and EU officials. The meeting has contributed to improving the knowledge of the European decision and opinion makers about the machine tool industry.


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