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I was born in Ukraine. Ukraine is a part of Europe. Ukraine already was a European state when in Europe not everyone knew about such things as alphabet, clothes made from fabric, water toilet or constitution.

The first-ever modern computer was created in Ukraine. The most reliable space rocket in the world is manufactured in Ukraine. 23% of world resources of black soil are located in Ukraine.

It is easy for me to enumerate lots of people connected with Ukraine who amazed the world by their inventions in engineering and art, military victories, political thought, humanism and charity. Ukraine and its citizens made significant contributions to the formation of a modern western civilization, equally with other nations.

I will write about this in my blog.

Now let me touch other things.

Sometimes it seems to me that today Ukraine exists as a country not because we, Ukrainians, love it, but because Europe and Russia haven’t yet decided how to redivide it publicly.

Modern Ukraine as a state is a total victory of political corruption over human dignity and rights of citizens. It is a sample of modern dictatorship and totalitarianism. This model is very simple, therefore it is very effective. There is no reason to build concentration camps – they are old-fashioned and not effective. Much more profitable is to make all the people of the country work for the state budget and pay incredible taxes, at the same time privately owning that budget.

Besides, it is very reliable when all law-enforcement structures protect such a “state” and such a “state” budget. And it is very convenient, when those who declare themselves to be the opposition, aspire not to changes in the state policy, but to backstage arrangements regarding non-aggression or personal revenge to those who are in power today.

I will write about this in my blog too.

It is most difficult to write about Europeans.  They don’t want to trust in the axiom which is, either Europe exports democracy to Ukraine, or Ukraine exports corruption to Europe. Why will it be so? Firstly,  because it is an axiom. Secondly, because Europeans are full (well-fed), therefore they will defend themselves more slowly, than they will be attacked. And thirdly, because Europe has no unitary strategy of relations with Ukraine, and each European country has got confused in tactics of its interests.

I will also write about the USA and Russia, and about democracy which they have, we have and Europe has, as well.

The goal of the informational presence of the “People First” Foundation on the “EurActiv” web-portal is delivering information about Ukraine, its internal and external problems, its risks and resources for their overcoming to Europeans.

Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy “People First” creates and develops projects supporting democracy.  We are ready to mutually build democracy in the name of a safe Europe and a renewed Russia.

Changes in Ukraine will directly or indirectly influence the EU, as well.  In case of growth of poverty, aggravation of criminality, drug trafficking, people trafficking, illegal arms trade, HIV, tuberculosis and other grave illnesses expansion, Ukraine can become a serious center of production of risks for Europe.  These risks have no borders.

I can be sure that the answer to the question “Does the European Union need a second Kosovo or Belarus in Ukraine” is obvious.

History proves that the most efficient means for preventing chaos and mess is democracy. Ukrainian democracy traditionally was characteristic of being weak and longing to anarchy  – self-identification on the local levels. In Ukraine, a discussion about mental and cultural distinctions of the country between its Western and Eastern parts is topical, as is true about many EU states. However, even weak Ukrainian democracy is the most reliable protective barrier for the European Union to those threats which Ukrainian authoritarianism can produce.

For Ukraine to worthily join the unitary European family of nations and cultures, the “People First” Foundation has launched an innovative project supporting Ukrainian democracy through the creation of the “People’s Charter” as a social treaty.

I hope that thanks to mutual efforts we will not only open up Ukraine for you again in the informational context, but also will be able to exchange thoughts and ideas regarding the further effective development of European and Ukrainian democracy in the name of the mutual future.


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