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Taking into account abstentionists, the Yes option for Independence would reach, at least, 55,8% of the votes.

June 29, 2011

Author: Web Team RCat |

Source: Barometer of Political Opinion (2nd wave 2011) – CEO

Translation: GTIR

The awesome demonstration in July 10th, 2010, with 1,5 milion people marching, or the successive Plebiscites for Independence, held between 2009 and 2011, with 900.000 participants, both showed the freedom willingness of the Catalan people.

This will is now corroborated by data from the barometer just published by Centre d’Estudis de l’Opinió (a catalan government body in charge of polls and surveys). A large majority of the citizens of Catalonia, when asked, favoured Independence, and 42,9% of them would vote Yes in a referendum scenario. Only 28.2% would vote NO; 23,3% would not vote or abstain, and, finally 5.2% do not know or no answer.

Taking into account the turnout, this implies that the YES to Independence would collect at least 55.8% of votes, against 36.7% for the NO side, and 7.5% among blank and void votes.

It is worth to remember that what counts both in a Referendum and in an electoral contest is those who vote (as happened with the 2006 Statute ratification referendum).

Additionally, Barometer data also shows citizens dissatisfaction with how democracy works, and a 66.3% of them show little or not satisfaction at all.

As for citizens trust in Catalan politicians, data shows an average of  4.58 out of 10.

Also, unemployment and job insecurity (51,7%), economy functioning (17.3%) and dissatisfaction with politics (8.6%) are seen by respondents as the most important issues.

Even though Reagrupament didn’t achieve enough support at polls in last November election to gain parliamentary representation, he certainly hit the diagnosis about what our people badly need and ask for: Independence, Democracy and Work


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