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The final report of the Key enabling technologies was published late on

Wednesday (28 June).

This expert group was set up by the European Commission to examine

how European industry can maintain or gain a competitive edge through

deploying these industrial technologies of the future: micro- and

nanoelectronics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology,

photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing systems.

The report clearly highlights the vital role of sustainable

chemistry and industrial biotechnology in furthering competitiveness

and addressing the grand challenges facing the EU.

The main conclusions call on decision-makers to adopt radical policy

objectives to retain critical capability and capacity in Europe through

a single and comprehensive approach to KETs. In particular, the group

recommends that the vital importance of KETs should be reflected

the structure and funding balance in the upcoming Horizon 2020, the next

framework for research and innovation and in the priorities of the EU’s

future regional policy.

Technological research and product demonstration projects should be

given a high priority. Further recommendations cover the combination

of funding mechanisms at EU and national level and a set of actions to

enhance technological skills in Europe. The Commission will report back

on the policy recommendations in the report in a communication

scheduled for the end of 2011.

Author :
EurActiv Network