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Some circles within the administration of the United States of America still want Turkey to freeze its relations with Iran. But can’t the USA understand that Iran is an important neighbour and economic partner of Turkey? What can Turkey do but improve its ties with Iran? Turkey is not responsible for the huge lack of democracy in Iran. Why wouldn’t Turkey want to see Iran becoming a democracy? Some people don’t understand (or claim to not understand) why Turkey improves its ties with Iran. But they should know that several EU countries have economic relations with Iran. But that is not much dealt with by the EU or US media. Interesting double standards! The Turkish prime minister Mr Erdoğan and the minister for foreign affairs Mr Davutoğlu try to prevent a military attack against Iran. Well Turkey has the legitimate right to make its voice heard regarding the Middle East, one of its region. Turkey doesn’t want a new “Iraqi war” at its frontiers. It doesn’t tolerate any US plan that would contribute to more instability in the Middle East. The USA already exploded the Middle East by invading Iraq, and the USA are said to be responsible for the death of more than one million Iraqi citizens (and because of the post-Gulf War US-imposed embargoes towards the medecine, one million Iraqi babies and children died within 10 years. The collaborator Madeleine Albright said at the time: If that is the price to be paid. The price to be paid for what? For a so-called democracy? Or rather for more oil? Thus no medecine was allowed to enter Iraq during 10 years. Though it was known that many Iraqi children and babies would die without the medecine. So wasn’t that a genocide? A French journalist asked an American diplomat why the USA imposed an embargo on the medecine against Iraq. That American answered: They can make bombs with medecine. Unbelievable answer. The American administration is really crazy and out of control. It has quite simply no conscience. We are able to say that its policies are based on the law of the jungle). Will History ever teach something to the USA? Iran is a crucial neighbour for Turkey, and the EU/US politicians and media ought to stop considering the Turkey-Iran ties as something negative or dangerous. At first, Iran is the second gas supplier of Turkey. Secondly, Iran and Turkey share a frontier that has never changed for many centuries. Thirdly, the EU commission stated a few times that Turkey’s foreign policy is in line with its EU membership (but Ria Oomen-Ruijten said the opposite. We can note unfortunately that the EU has not a single voice and doesn’t act in harmony). Lastly, let’s remind that Turkey voted against the sanctions towards Iran at the United Nations Security Council because it succeeded along with Brazil in convincing Iran to sign a nuclear agreement. Turkey brought a solution, so if it had voted in favour of the sanctions against Iran, it would have quite simply lost its credibility within the Iranians and destroyed any peaceful solution to the sensitive Iranian nuclear dossier. The USA have to know that Turkey is an independent secular republic. If Turkey can’t vote independently, why was the UN Security Council created? Is that council a formality for the USA? It’s worth reminding that Günter Verheugen said: The behaviour of Turkey at the UN Security Council ought to be an example to many people. Well said. At least one man was courageous and taught a lesson to all those who behaved as sheeps at the UN Security Council and within the worldwide media. It’s very strange: Brazil too voted against the sanctions towards Iran, but no media, no politician attacked that country. No single EU country and neither the USA have ever stated that Brazil shifts to the east. But when it comes to Turkey, it’s like the end of the world. By the way, the Human rights in Saudi Arabia are far from being at a good level. However, France as well as the USA for instance have strong economic relations with that country. But no one says that Saudi Arabia is a “naughty country” with which we should not trade. Mr Obama, what have you to say about that? What have the US oil and military lobbies to say about that? Anyway, Turkey is afraid of a potential Iranian nuclear weapon. A French expert said in 2006: If Iran gets the atom-bomb, Turkey will have two alternatives: whether Turkey will have to get the nuclear weapon, or it will have to become an EU member and then be under the nuclear umbrella of the EU. Well according to that expert, the NATO membership of Turkey is not enough. Best regards, Cem PS. Here is a relevant song about the nuclear threat: “….. hey mighty brontosaurus don’t you have a lesson for us? You thought your rule would always last there were no lessons in your past you were built three stories high they say you would not hurt a fly if we explode the atom bomb would they say that we were dumb? We’re walking in your footsteps walking in your footsteps walking in your footsteps walking in your footsteps they say the meek shall inherit the earth they say the meek shall inherit the earth.” Lyrics written by Sting – ‘Walking in your footsteps’ – “Synchronicty” Author :
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