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I believe the EU should pay more attention to environment protection and fight for a healthier and cleaner life in big cities.

Nature should be more present in every corner of the European space. There should be a lot more green spaces, parks, zoological and botanical gardens in every city.There should be more studies regarding pollution’s effects on the general state of health. The authorities should be given solid arguments that investing more in environmental protection is spending less money on solving population’s health problems.

I propose to create a few “experimental green zones”, totally free of pollution, where people could study, work or relax in a close connection with nature. These “green zones” should be implemented all across the European space, in different countries, with different climates and different relief forms. Researchers should study people` physical and psychological health state, academic and professional progress, the rate of delinquency and criminality, social structures and interactions for several years and then compare the data with that obtained from “polluted places”. These “green zones” could also serve as a resource for natural food as it would be easier to produce healthy food products here.

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