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PROPOSAL: Elder people

In today’s Europe, the experience of a very good professional never gets the chance to be shared with youth across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Even worse, youth  actually never get the chance to speak to elder professionals  of their own nationality. One explanation may the fact that the formal education system restrains students to interact only with their teachers.

If elder people would be regarded as an important social force, the European Union might benefit from a more responsible, enthusiastic and well-trained new generation.

Elder people should be encouraged to remain active as long as they want to, and as long as their health state permits it.

For example, elder people could  be encouraged to travel across Europe and organize trainings and courses for young people.

Elder people could also play a very important part in “mentoring” young people; they should be encouraged to volunteer for counseling and guiding youth and teenagers.

An elder people-based  EU mentorship system  , would benefit a lot from the new technologies.Traveling would be recommended, but not compulsory, since nowadays  internet connects people everywhere. Thanks to the new technology, a French youth will be free to contact online a “virtual grandfather” from Finland or Portugal and ask for professional advice or emotional support.

If these ideas were applied,  the gap between generations would be reduced and  youth could gain a sense of solidarity with all the other people of Europe.

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EurActiv Network