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By Dr. Eli Opper

Last month I participated in an interesting event called “Venture Capital in Europe: Are we willing to take the risk?” The EUREKA Secretariat hosted the event, bringing together 90 high-level participants for a diverse series of presentations and an animated debate involving experts in the field of private investment – from both the public and private sector.

This latest in the EUREKA Academy series of events is focused on financing innovation, which is a key priority of the current Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship. The Chairmanship is  investigating second-round financing options for businesses participating in EUREKA R&D projects.

Mr. Stuart Langridge, Independent Journalist; Mr. Eli Opper, EUREKA Chairman; Mr. Luuk Borg, EUREKA Secretariat

The EUREKA Israeli Chairmanship is focusing on new models and sources of funding for EUREKA projects, especially for SMEs and start-ups. The new mechanisms are needed because stakeholders are cautious of risk-taking and because VC funds are not focused on long-term gains.

Of course, governments are not Venture Capital Funds; governments should promote high-risk R&D and they should receive indirect gains through spill-over effects.

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