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Many youth decide to follow the courses of an educational institution without knowing if that particular career fits their personality or not. Furthermore, most of the theoretic courses don’t prepare students for the real-life experience of a certain profession.

In addition to this, the European space is not homogeneous, thus one country may offer more opportunities for the pursuit of a certain career than another.

I believe the European Union authorities should encourage young people from different countries to  to discover and exercise their talents before choosing a certain career.

This initiative would be similar to the medieval custom of young apprentices who were supposed to complete a journey in foreign countries before returning and becoming a master.

Youth should have the right to travel free across Europe and get involved in concrete projects in the field they are interested to work in later (for example, join scientific research projects, work on finding legal solutions to different social problems, make proposals for improving the architectural environment  of different cities, etc.).

Youth  should be allowed to join projects from different professional areas in order to discover all the sides of the profession they are interested in.

Youth’ academic studies could be completed before or after this professional traveling experience.

However, youth who  achieve remarkable results “on the field”, could be given the chance to complete faster their theoretical  training . In exceptional cases, these successful youth could be granted directly the equivalent academic degree.

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