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In my previous post dedicated to the debate at the House of Commons I did not make mention of Dr Fox statement on French nuclear assets.

Saying that “We must also remember that France itself co-operates very closely on nuclear issues with the United States. The United States, France and the United Kingdom form the nuclear capability of NATO », could be misinterpreted, as France clearly stated that its deterrence force would remain strictly under national command and in no case was to be considered as a NATO asset.

May be, this sentence could be understood as; “the three NATO countries having a nuclear capability are the USA, the UK and France”. But this is not what he said. Definitely, or at least until further notice, French nuclear capability is not to be considered as a NATO one. The exact text is: “British and French independent strategic nuclear forces, which have a deterrent value of their own, contribute to overall deterrence and therefore to Allies’ security”.

In such issues, let us average citizens stick to the text.

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